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What is Genital Aesthetics? How is Genital Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Stress, aging, genetics and other factors can negatively affect your physical appearance, physical comfort and sexual satisfaction. In such cases, some patients benefit from genital aesthetic operations.

Genital plastic surgeries are among the most frequently performed surgeries in cosmetic surgery. Our patients who want to benefit from genital aesthetic operations can contact us at the number of our clinic, Ancyra Clinic, below. You can also contact us via WhatsApp by clicking here to make your appointment.

Genetic plastic surgeries are much more popular and common in women than in men. Surgeries can be performed to correct deformations in the genital area, reduce the size of the labial lips, and correct vaginal loosening due to aging or vaginal birth.

In what cases are genital aesthetic surgeries performed?
Birth-related vaginal deformities
Conditions where vaginal lips are large due to deformity of the vulva or congenital
In cases of decreased sexual satisfaction during vaginal intercourse after birth
In cases where the uterus and bladder are prolapsed or the rectum is herniated
In cases where hymenoplasty, i.e. hymenoplasty, is desired
What are Genital Aesthetic Surgeries?


Vaginoplasty surgery is one of the most popular genital plastic surgeries. In vaginoplasty surgery, the vaginal space is narrowed and its tightness is ensured. Many women may experience loss of vaginal tightness and tone due to birth, age, and hormonal changes.

In women who have a feeling of vaginal loosening, if this occurs without any deformity due to the situations I wrote above, it may be psychological in origin. Therefore, women who want to have vaginoplasty surgery must have a gynecological examination beforehand. After a properly performed vaginoplasty surgery, women will have more sexual satisfaction during sexual intercourse as their self-confidence will increase. Women who have vaginoplasty surgery can be discharged from the hospital on the same day.



Labioplasty is perhaps the most frequently performed genital plastic surgery in the world. Labiaplasty surgery can be performed under general anesthesia, sedation or local anesthesia. Unwanted larger than normal vaginal lips are shortened and reshaped.

Clitoral Hudoplasty

This procedure is performed by removing excess tissue on the clitoris. It is often performed simultaneously with labiaplasty. In clitoral clitoplasty surgery, the clitoris is preserved and a more aesthetic appearance is created without any change in the woman’s sexual pleasure.


The purpose of perinoplasty surgery is to aesthetically correct the deformities in the perineum that occur due to birth. Perinoplasty surgery eliminates this complaint, especially for women who complain about width at the vaginal entrance.

G Spot Injection

It is a surgical procedure performed to increase the sensitivity and size of the G spot. After this procedure, sexual satisfaction and pleasure increase.

Hymenoplasty (hymenoplasty)

Repair of the hymen, which is approximately 1 cm inside the vaginal entrance, can be performed surgically. Hymenoplasty can be performed with local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia.


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