Vaccination Treatment

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Vaccination Treatment

For years, I have been helping couples with infertility problems to have children by applying appropriate treatments specific to each couple. During this outreach, vaccination is a form of treatment that I use quite often. In the article below, I am sharing my article that I think contains useful information about what vaccination is, the treatment process, its cost, and who is suitable for it and who is not.


What is Vaccination?

Vaccination; It is the transfer of reproductive cells (sperm) taken from men into the woman’s uterus with the help of special catheters, after making them of higher quality and more concentrated by passing them through some special solutions (sperm washing) under laboratory conditions.

IUI is a frequently used method in the treatment of infertility. The chance of getting pregnant with the IUI method is higher than the chance of getting pregnant with normal sexual intercourse. However, the chance of achieving pregnancy with in vitro fertilization treatment is less. The estimated success rate is approximately 15-20% for each vaccination procedure.

What is the Vaccination Treatment Process?

In the insemination treatment, drugs that enhance egg growth are started within the first 3 days of the woman’s menstrual bleeding, so that the woman’s egg development is optimum. During this period, the woman’s egg development is monitored using ultrasonography every 2 or 3 days. After approximately 10 days of treatment, when an egg of the appropriate size is obtained, a cracking injection is given. 36 hours after the cracking shot is given, sperm is taken from the man and the insemination process is performed. In insemination treatment, while the woman needs to come to her doctor for ultrasonography approximately 4-5 times, the man only needs to come for a sperm sample on the day of insemination. Within a few hours after the man provides the sperm sample, the concentrated sperm material to be used for insemination is introduced into the woman’s uterus with the help of a special catheter. After the procedure, it is recommended that the woman remain in a horizontal position for approximately 15 minutes.

What is the Cost of Vaccination?

The cost of insemination is approximately one-fifth of the cost of in vitro fertilization. In our country, one of the conditions for benefiting from state support during in vitro fertilization treatment is that the woman cannot achieve pregnancy even though she receives insemination treatment with injections for egg growth twice (except in cases where the tubes are bilaterally blocked or there is a serious sperm disorder).

When Should a Pregnancy Test Be Performed After the IUI?

A blood pregnancy test can be performed 10-12 days after vaccination.

Who Should Not Have Vaccination Treatment?
It is not performed in cases where the man has serious sperm disorders.
It is not done if both of the woman’s tubes are blocked.
If the woman’s egg reserve is very low (woman’s advanced age, endometriosis, etc.), it is not performed.
Who can receive vaccination treatment?
It can be performed if no condition that could explain infertility in men or women (unexplained infertility) is detected.
It can be done if there are mild disorders in the male sperm.
It can be done if the woman has at least one tube open.
It can be done if there is no abnormality in the woman’s uterus.

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Two years ago I had uterine fibroids, where i had Had Had Serval Operations to Clear Them in Vain. Dr Hassan Honor Performed Myomectomy Surgery on Me and He Excellendly Removed 63 Fibroids. One Year Later Dr. Onur Suggested i Do IVF Treatment, Who I Ended Up Going Through and Miraculously Got Pregnant OnTempt. I WANT TO TAHK DR HONOR HASSAN FOR THE MIRACLES YOU HAVE BROUDHT TO MY LIFE AND DIFFERENCE YOU MAKE IN LİVES OF YOUR PATIATS. You are Truly A Remarkable Doctor and Professional That We Respect and Trust. Tank You for your incredible Care, Comfort and Concern Duration the Procedures and Visits. Now I am a Normal and Healthy Mother to Be.