Success in IVF

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Success in IVF

Thanks to the techniques developing with technology, thousands of people can achieve successful results in in vitro fertilization every year. In order to realize the dream of having a child and achieve successful results, prospective mothers and fathers must have certain qualities. If these features are met, the likelihood of success in in vitro fertilization increases.

Performing Harmonious Team Work During In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

The first in vitro fertilization was born in 1978. Since then, different methods and techniques have been studied to achieve more successful results in the in vitro fertilization method. Although the methods used to achieve success in in vitro fertilization in our country and around the world are the same, the experience of doctors and all personnel working in the field of in vitro fertilization is very important in addition to the methods used in the success of in vitro fertilization treatment.

In order for in vitro fertilization treatment to be successful, it is necessary to work harmoniously as a team. Assoc. Prof. serves couples in the field of in vitro fertilization treatment in Ankara. Dr. According to Onur Topçu, mutual trust between the patient and the physician is one of the basic elements that positively affects the process. Proper communication between the doctor and the patient is key to the process.

Age of the Expectant Mother and Quality of Sperms

The age of the mother is an important factor in the in vitro fertilization treatment process. The expectant mother’s age being under 35, having a good egg reserve and having open tubes are important factors that increase success. In addition, the expectant mother must not have had any abdominal surgery, she must not have an adhesive disease such as pelvic abscess, and diseases such as endometriosis must have been treated. The fact that the expectant mother does not have a genetic disease, has not received cancer treatment and has not undergone in vitro fertilization treatment before are among the factors that increase the chance of success.

The contribution of sperm taken for in vitro fertilization treatment to the success is very important. It is very important that the number of sperm collected is high and that their movement and shape are normal. The better the quantity and quality of sperm, the more likely it is to be successful. The fact that men, that is, prospective fathers, do not have a chronic disease and genetic disease also affects the increase in the chance of success.

Things to Do to Increase Success in In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

In order to achieve successful results in the treatment, smoking and alcohol must be stopped 3 months in advance. Expectant parents should have a healthy diet. Healthy nutrition, quality sleep, coping with stress, being at the ideal weight level, and not smoking are the main factors that affect success.

Standing up, moving around, lifting heavy objects, coughing, traveling, or lying high after the transfer is necessary are not situations that can negatively bias the treatment. The most important thing to consider during this period is to use the medications prescribed by doctors regularly.

If the ovaries are excessively stimulated and their growth is ensured; It is necessary to rest to avoid pain and discomfort. In order to achieve complete success in this process, the importance of the physician chosen is quite great. The doctor-patient relationship is the key to success. Associate Professor in Ankara. Onur Topçu; He will explain in detail to the expectant mothers and fathers all the information necessary for a successful result of the in vitro fertilization treatment. In this way, all the basic operations required for a successful process are carried out without interruption.

If you want to achieve success in in vitro fertilization, Assoc. Prof. who provides in vitro fertilization treatment in Ankara. Dr. You can contact Onur Topçu immediately and start your in vitro fertilization treatment in a short time!

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Prof. Dr. H. Onur Topçu
Gynecology & Obstetrics-In Vitro Fertilization and Advanced Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist



We went to Dr. Onur 2 years ago, as a result of my research on the internet, for the treatment of endometriosis symptoms that I have been suffering from for years and because we wanted a baby. From the moment of the first examination, you understand that you are in the right place with his reassuring knowledge and approach. We have been to other gynecologists many times and for the first time, we have a real diagnosis of endometriosis. The happiness you experience when you meet the specialist and the comfort of finally being in the right place are worth everything. In my first examination, the diagnosis of my cysts and intestinal adhesion and the condition of my ovaries and tubes were revealed with the medicated HSG performed for detailed examination. Our primary goal was pregnancy, which we have been trying for 2 years but could not achieve. That’s why Onur When my doctor performed embryo freezing with in vitro fertilization and then removed the adhesion caused by endometriosis with closed surgery and intervened in my cysts and tubes, he provided a suitable environment for the baby and relieved my pain. I got pregnant with the first embryo transfer, which took place 1 month after the surgery. We are finally at the place we aimed for. We wanted to experience these feelings and support my health. We owe a debt of gratitude to my teacher Onur, who helped me reunite. We have seen these days thanks to his support, knowledge and the trust he gave by reassuring even a person as anxious as me. Of course, to Ms. Gülşah and İlknur, who always showed us their smiling faces and sincerity at the clinic during this long and difficult process, and who were happy with my pregnancy news like the members of our family. We thank the lady very much.

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Onur teacher was very supportive and encouraging at every stage of the process, from the very beginning to after the surgery. He informed us in the best and most accurate way by explaining all the details of the process completely and clearly. I would like to thank my teacher Onur very much and definitely recommend him to those who are looking for a doctor in this field.

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We met my teacher Onur at a time when my wife and I decided to have children. With his approach to both me and my wife, his support, his polite and modest attitude, and his interest as a doctor, he is one of the rare people we are glad to have met and crossed paths with. At the end of the journey we set out to have a child, we are now waiting for the day when we will hold our daughter in our arms, thanks to the support and friendliness of our teacher Onur as a physician. We can’t thank him enough. I’m glad to have you sir, I’m glad our paths crossed. If you have any problems with your area, it is the only address you can go to with peace of mind without hesitation. I wish him continued success. Thank you very much sir???



Hello, I met Assoc. I came, but I came with such a psychological state that the only thought in my mind was whether I had cancer. I had my examination and they welcomed me so beautifully and so perfectly, it was as if we had known each other for a very long time. He was unlike any other doctor I had ever seen before. He answered the questions I asked calmly and with a smiling face and did not judge me at all. I had my examination, he told me that I needed surgery and I had my surgery, my pathology results were clear, we were at peace because I did not have cancer and we had never met a doctor who was as happy with my results as we were. I got pregnant after my surgery and thankfully we had our babies a month ago. The only doctor I know that I can trust blindly is not in Ankara, but the only doctor in Turkey is Assoc.



Two years ago I had uterine fibroids, where I had serval operations to clear them in vain. Dr Hassan Onur performed myomectomy surgery on me and he excellently removed 63 Fibroids. One year later Dr Onur suggested I do IVF treatment, Which I ended up going through and miraculously got Pregnant on first attempt. I want to thank Dr Onur Hassan for the miracles you have brought to my life and difference you make in the lives of your patients. You are truly a remarkable Doctor and professional that we respect and trust. Thank you for your incredible care, comfort and concern during the procedure and visits. Now I am a normal and healthy mother to be.