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Correct evaluation of colposcopy findings and taking a colposcopic biopsy based on these findings enables the detection and complete treatment of early-onset cervical cancer. However, evaluating colposcopy findings requires experience. If the colposcopy procedure is performed by gynecologists, especially those who have worked in this field, patients can be prevented from having to take many unnecessary biopsies, and the most accurate diagnosis can be made with the least number of biopsies. With my extensive experience in the field of colposcopy, I treat my patients with the Colposcopy device in our clinic.

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Below, I tried to briefly mention the most frequently asked questions about colposcopy.


What is Colposcopy Procedure?

In cases where the cervix, that is, the cervix needs to be examined in detail, the lesions in the cervix are examined in detail by magnifying the cervix 15 to 40 times.


When Should Colposcopy Be Performed?
As a result of abnormal smear
In the presence of high risk HPV
In case of bleeding after intercourse
If there is bloody vaginal discharge
If there is always insufficient smear
Smear results from persistent inflammatory cells despite appropriate treatment
Suspicion of cervix-vaginal cancer with the naked eye
For follow-up purposes in patients with a history of CIN
In the presence of vulvar or vaginal cancer/pre-cancerous lesion


How Long Does the Colposcopy Procedure Take?

Colposcopy procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. However, if it is necessary to perform cervical biopsies during colposcopy, the colposcopy procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

Is a biopsy performed during colposcopy?

During the colposcopy procedure, cervical biopsy or biopsies can be taken when necessary, that is, in the presence of a suspicious lesion.

Is colposcopy a painful procedure?

There is no pain during the colposcopy procedure. Even taking a cervical biopsy is a painless procedure.

Is general anesthesia needed for colposcopy?

General anesthesia is rarely needed, especially in patients with high anxiety. However, this rarely happens.

Can colposcopy be performed during pregnancy?

Colposcopy can be performed safely during pregnancy, but a biopsy is not taken from the cervical canal during colposcopy.

What is the Process After Colposcopy?

You can take a shower or bath whenever you want after colposcopy. If a biopsy has been taken, approximately 10 days should be waited before sexual intercourse. Moreover; Staining may occur after the biopsy, but all these are temporary.


Stay healthy..

Prof Dr. H. Onur Topçu
Gynecology & Obstetrics-In Vitro Fertilization and Advanced Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist



They said there was a suspicion of cervical cancer. Professor Onur is very knowledgeable and calm. It resolved my concerns. He performed my colposcopy, and thankfully, it turned out that there was nothing to be afraid of, as he said.

Em….   …gül


When a wart appeared on the outside, I went to see Onur Hodja for examination. He did an HPV test. When it came to high risk, he performed my colposcopy. I had no pain during the procedure. I am still following Onur teacher.

De….   …mse


When my smear result showed abnormal cells, I went for an examination. A very knowledgeable, kind doctor. I advise.

Def..    ….ran


When my HPV tests came back risky, I went to Onur Hodja upon the suggestion of a friend. I’m glad I went. He understands and listens to patients’ concerns very well. He performed a colposcopy on me. Most doctors take 3-5 biopsies unnecessarily, Professor Onur took 1 biopsy from me. I am very pleased.

Nes….       ……ğdu


I came from Ağrı to undergo colposcopy with Onur Hodja. I am a teacher there. Thank God, I am very well now. Teacher Onur also does my check-ups. One of the best doctors in colposcopy. I definitely recommend it.

Nil….    …kin


I went for an examination because I had warts. During the examination, he did not like my cervix and said it might be a lesion. He performed direct colposcopy. There was a precancerous lesion. Thank God, he removed that part before the cancer progressed. Teacher Onur saved my life.

Öz….     ….ekli


He is a very caring, knowledgeable and trustworthy doctor. He is particularly experienced in the field of colposcopy.

Se….   …şçu