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After successfully completing the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Clinical Applications Course (In Vitro Fertilization) at Gülhane Training and Research Hospital between July 2018 and December 2018, I started to work more intensively on issues such as assisted reproduction, evaluation of the infertile couple (infertility), in vitro fertilization treatment. . As a physician who performs advanced endoscopic surgery in Turkey, I believe that it is very important for patients that in vitro fertilization treatment and these closed surgeries (closed chocolate cyst surgery, closed myoma surgery, closed uterine curtain, closed polyp surgeries, isthmocele surgeries, etc.) are performed by the same physician. I think it is an advantage.

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What is In Vitro Fertilization Treatment?

Bringing sperm and eggs together in a laboratory environment to carry out the fertilization process is called in vitro fertilization treatment. Thanks to in vitro fertilization treatment, which has a high rate of success, couples who cannot have children can have children. When we look at the stages of in vitro fertilization treatment, medication will first be used on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation. Your doctor will determine how often you should monitor your eggs. With the egg tracking process, the number, size and intrauterine layer of the eggs will be controlled. This period lasts approximately 10 days on average. After this stage, egg collection will be carried out when the eggs become mature. The collected eggs and the sperm taken from your partner are fertilized. Among the resulting embryos, those of good quality are selected and transferred after the 3rd day or 5th day. This is how you can have in vitro fertilization.

Does In Vitro Fertilization Treatment Cause Early Menopause?

All women are born with a certain egg reserve. During in vitro fertilization treatment, only the eggs in the ovaries of women that month are developed and retrieved. Women receiving in vitro fertilization treatment does not affect menopause.

Does In Vitro Fertilization Treatment Cause Ectopic Pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy occurs in 2 out of 100 pregnancies in women who become pregnant directly by normal methods. After in vitro fertilization treatment, there is a slight increase in the risk of ectopic pregnancy. The reason why the risk of ectopic pregnancy is higher after in vitro fertilization treatment is that the tubes are damaged and there are reasons that cause infertility.

Can Gender Selection Be Made With In Vitro Fertilization Treatment?

It is possible to select the gender of the baby through genetic examinations performed after in vitro fertilization treatment. However, in our country, according to the In Vitro Fertilization Regulation and laws, making a choice on the gender of the baby is strictly prohibited. For this reason, genetic examination for the purpose of gender selection cannot be performed. In order for genetic selection to be carried out only for gender in our country, there must be a possibility of detecting a genetic error carried by the sex chromosome.

How Long Should Be Between Two In Vitro Fertilization Trials?

The primary decision maker for this period will be the physician. In vitro fertilization treatment can be started without any break or during the next menstrual period.

How Many Times Is In Vitro Fertilization Treatment Allowed to Be Tried?

In the trials for in vitro fertilization treatment, it is observed that there is no increase in the pregnancy rate after the 5th attempt. However, in extreme cases, there have been couples who were able to have a baby after the 16th or 17th attempt. However, these situations are given as examples of very extreme situations. In general, the 5th attempt is considered the limit.

What are the Prices of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment?

The cost of in vitro fertilization treatment is determined by the medications used, follow-up-treatment, egg collection and embryo transfer process. If embryo freezing is also performed, the cost increases slightly.


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Geçenlerde daha önce myom ameliyatı yapıp 63 myomunu çıkardığım yabancı bir hastamdan bahsetmiştim. Tüp bebek tedavisine almıştım. Dün geç vakitte gebe olduğunu öğrendim. Benim için çok büyük bir mutluluktu?
Bugün tüp bebek tedavisi yaptığımız bir hastamızdan daha güzel haberler aldık?? Sevinçliyiz?
Bir tüp bebek hastamıza daha mutlu haber verebildik. Bu işin en zor yanı bazen de olumsuz sonuçlar vermemiz. Ama yine de hastalarımız için elimizden geleni yapıyoruz.
Tüp bebek tedavisi çiftler için maddi manevi olarak yıpratıcı bir süreç olabiliyor. ?Endişe düzeyi yüksek bir dönem oluyor çiftler için. ?Bu dönemde profosyonel ekibimizle hastalarımızın yanında olmak ve bu endişe düzeylerini azaltmak için elimizden geleni yapmaktayız.
?Endometrioma varlığında maalesef yumurta rezervi azalmış olabiliyor. ?26 yaşındaki hastamızın, yumurta rezervinin düşük olduğunu saptadığımızda, kendisi ile yumurta dondurma opsiyonunu konuştuk. Hastamız ilerideki doğurganlığını korumak istediği için yumurta dondurma işlemi yaptırmak istedi. ?Endometrioma, çikolata kisti varlığında kistin içine girmeden yumurtaları toplamak çok önemlidir. ?Bu işlemde de kistin içine girmeden, yumurtaları toplamayı başardık???


Stay healthy..

Prof. Dr. H. Onur Topçu
Gynecology & Obstetrics-In Vitro Fertilization and Advanced Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist



We went to Dr. Onur 2 years ago, as a result of my research on the internet, for the treatment of endometriosis symptoms that I have been suffering from for years and because we wanted to have a baby. From the moment of the first examination, you understand that you are in the right place with his reassuring knowledge and approach. We have been to other gynecologists many times and for the first time, we have a real diagnosis of endometriosis. The happiness you experience when you meet the specialist and the comfort of finally being in the right place are worth everything. In my first examination, the diagnosis of my cysts and intestinal adhesion and the condition of my ovaries and tubes were revealed with the medicated HSG performed for detailed examination. Our primary goal was pregnancy, which we have been trying for 2 years but could not achieve. That’s why Onur When my doctor performed embryo freezing with in vitro fertilization and then removed the adhesion caused by endometriosis with closed surgery and intervened in my cysts and tubes, he provided a suitable environment for the baby and relieved my pain. I got pregnant with the first embryo transfer, which took place 1 month after the surgery. We are finally at the place we aimed for. We wanted to experience these feelings and support my health. We owe a debt of gratitude to my teacher Onur, who helped me reunite. We have seen these days thanks to his support, knowledge and the trust he gave by reassuring even a person as anxious as me. Of course, to Ms. Gülşah and İlknur, who always showed us their smiling faces and sincerity at the clinic during this long and difficult process, and who were happy with my pregnancy news like the members of our family. We thank the lady very much.

FİL*** U***

Onur teacher was very supportive and encouraging at every stage of the process, from the very beginning to after the surgery. He informed us in the best and most accurate way by explaining all the details of the process completely and clearly. I would like to thank my teacher Onur very much and definitely recommend him to those who are looking for a doctor in this field.

Arz*** A***


May God bless my teacher Onur, I had a bilateral chocolate cyst, first she did in vitro fertilization and froze our embryos, then she relieved my pain with surgery, and then thanks to her, we held our Mert in our arms.

Se..n Ba..lı

I had adenomyosis and chocolate cyst. I was able to get pregnant with my teacher Onur’s suppression treatment.

I would recommend it to everyone.

Iş..l   Ha…ez

After repeated unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts, we found Onur teacher after researching on the internet. I was so indecisive now, I didn’t even want to have in vitro fertilization. After his evaluations, he stated that there was no reason for me to give up. Thank God, I got pregnant on the first try.


I cannot tell you about my nightmare-filled, painful days. Sleepless nights… I didn’t want to do anything in my daily life. I couldn’t take care of my child. Emergencies, injections, serums, painkillers… I avoided surgery for many years. But now I see that God bless my teacher Onur a thousand times. Thanks to you, I say I’m glad. I have suffered all these years of pain for nothing. I was scared for nothing. Believe me, I visited dozens of doctors. I met my teacher Onur late. I wish I could have met you before. The doctor is very understanding, very professional and explains everything one by one. Deep endometriosis, adenomniosis, nodule, adhesions. Thanks to which I was saved? Sir Onur, I am glad to have you. Thank God, I got better and our house got better. My wife says she will not go to anyone else other than Onur from now on. If you are reading these comments, it means you are looking for a solution. I searched a lot and thankfully I found my teacher Onur. I also read a lot of comments. My only regret is that I found my teacher Onur late. But from now on I’m the only doctor?

Sev*** Y***

I strongly recommend Onur, who I went to after researching endometriosis. Considering all the pain I suffered because of not being diagnosed before, the right doctor is very important. My postoperative pain with laparoscopic surgery has decreased significantly. Professor Onur is the best doctor I have seen in this field with his knowledge and experience. Thanks for everything ❤️

Sed*** A***


What I can say briefly is that I would entrust myself and my loved ones to Onur Hodja with great peace of mind. Moreover, since I entrusted myself to him, my health and life have improved in very significant ways. As a doctor, as a scientist, and as a human being, I’m glad! Someone I say exists is Assoc. Prof. Onur Topçu. Thank you very much. My longer story is as follows: When I finally found my teacher Onur, I had been suffering from very painful periods for many years, which had recently become completely unbearable, affecting my quality of life and functionality badly, and in fact, starting to melt away my hope and psychological resistance. During my painful days, I was coming to a point where I could not walk, eat, or function as a normal individual, and the number of my painful days was gradually increasing. First, I would like to share a little bit about my process before finding Teacher Onur – maybe those who read this are going through similar experiences and will see that they are not alone. Over the years, I went to different specialist doctors. I was diagnosed with fibroids at one point, but they all overlooked my endometriosis. Finally, through my own research and efforts, I learned that there was a disease called endometriosis, and seeing that it seemed to coincide with my condition, but I was extremely intimidated by what I read on the internet about this disease, and I asked the doctors I went to with concern whether I had endometriosis. I was brushing it off without much emphasis, saying maybe it was there, but not asking for the necessary tests and not doing anything new for treatment. Most of the time, I was sent off from the doctor’s office by being advised over and over again to take the same type of painkillers, even though I said that they were not enough for my pain and that they did not help the other strange and disturbing symptoms I felt outside of the pain period. It was also recommended to remove my fibroid, explaining that it would be good for pain, but the doctors I had visited until then had said that they would perform it as an open surgery. As someone who had not had children yet and wanted to preserve her fertility, I was not interested in having surgery on my uterus, and unfortunately I could not find doctors who could explain my concerns on this issue with the expertise, openness, patience, and compassion that I could think of. The medicine wasn’t helping either. My condition was getting worse month by month. And going from doctor to doctor, explaining my problems, suffering the material and moral fatigue of this process, and then not being able to find a solution drove me to despair and exhaustion. At such a time, I had the chance to know my dear teacher Onur. When I read what he wrote on his website, I see that he embraces endometriosis patients with a real expertise, interest, and sense of responsibility, and that he has devoted his career very consistently to researching this disease, informing the public about it, educating doctors on this subject, and treating patients correctly with the necessary attention and expertise. I saw that he was dedicated to making it happen. From the patient comments I read, I learned a lot about both his experience and success as a physician and his beautiful personality that comforted people in pain at this sensitive time. Finally, when I met Onur Hodja for the first time, he listened to me for a long time, carefully, and with great human respect. Just being listened to sincerely by someone who can and wants to help you really brings healing, goodness and strength to a person. My doctor looked at my old examinations, but also did a detailed examination himself, which no doctor had ever done to me before. He diagnosed endometriosis and confirmed the diagnosis of myoma. He explained my treatment options from a scientific perspective, in the detail I needed due to my personality. He was going to perform my surgery both for myoma and endometriosis in a closed (laparoscopic) manner. I was very relieved to know that I could have closed surgery, which gives better results than open surgery but requires more expertise. Professor Onur answered my endless questions. But when he noticed that I was starting to ask bottomless questions that were causing me a lot of stress, he reminded me in an extremely gentle and compassionate way that I could entrust some details to him and relax myself – he was really right! 🙂 When I finally found a doctor I could trust, it was really good for me to trust him and start letting go of the stress of trying to control and confirm everything. Professor Onur explained what he deemed medically necessary in a very clear but non-oppressive and hasty way. When considering which treatment plan to follow, he explained that medicine is very clear on some issues, but there are also some questions that cannot be answered definitively from a medical perspective, and at this point, it would be appropriate for the patient to decide by taking his own wishes and values into consideration. For example, Onur Hodja helped me take very appropriate precautions regarding both the medical need to undergo surgery and my personal desire to preserve my fertility. In conclusion, thanks to my teacher Onur, I felt ready physically, mentally and spiritually, and despite all my fear at the beginning, I could finally entrust myself to him with great peace of mind.In a surgery that I understood, my doctor Onur cleared my endometriosis foci and removed myoma. Due to the location and depth of the endometriosis foci, I might have had to undergo a much more invasive and severe surgery in the hands of a different, less experienced and less responsible surgeon. Thanks to my doctor Onur’s careful surgery, I went through this process as mildly as possible. Thank you, Doctor Onur continued to follow up with me after the surgery as well as before, and continued to inform me during my recovery process and reassure me that everything would be fine. I know I wrote for a very long time, but my teacher Onur gave me such great medical and humanitarian support during such a difficult period, and even supported my family who were worried about my health, with dedication and patience, that it took me such a long time to try to properly explain the treatment and recovery process I went through with him. It is a great treasure that we have doctors and scientists like Onur Hoca, who I feel are extremely competent at the highest level of international standards. I would like to thank my teacher Onur very, very much. I recommend him wholeheartedly. I would also like to thank the administrative team and nurses of the practice who supported us with great kindness and warmth during this process.

Sil*** S***

Our paths crossed with our teacher Onur as a result of my research on deep endometriosis. When we went to see him, we had been examined by many doctors and we were very confused. However, our teacher Onur patiently listened to all I experienced about this disease, gave detailed information about the disease, and after the examination, he immediately diagnosed me with his experience. After the difficult times I went through, I felt very relieved. I trusted him very much and we started in vitro fertilization treatment. Our teacher’s calmness and understanding relieved my concerns during this process. I am pregnant now. I thank my teacher very much.

elv.. o..


We met my teacher Onur at a time when my wife and I decided to have children. With his approach to both me and my wife, his support, his polite and modest attitude, and his interest as a doctor, he is one of the rare people we are glad to have met and crossed paths with. At the end of the journey we set out to have a child, we are now waiting for the day when we will hold our daughter in our arms, thanks to the support and friendliness of our teacher Onur as a physician. We can’t thank him enough. I’m glad to have you sir, I’m glad our paths crossed. If you have any problems with your area, it is the only address you can go to with peace of mind without hesitation. I wish him continued success. Thank you very much sir



Hello, I met Assoc. I came, but I came with such a psychological state that the only thought in my mind was whether I had cancer. I had my examination and they welcomed me so beautifully and so perfectly, it was as if we had known each other for a very long time. He was unlike any other doctor I had ever seen before. He answered the questions I asked calmly and with a smiling face and did not judge me at all. I had my examination, he told me that I needed surgery and I had my surgery, my pathology results were clear, we were at peace because I did not have cancer and we had never met a doctor who was as happy with my results as we were. I got pregnant after my surgery and thankfully we had our babies a month ago. The only doctor I know that I can trust blindly is not in Ankara, but the only doctor in Turkey is Assoc.



Two years ago I had uterine fibroids, where i had had serval operations to clear them in vain. Dr Hassan Onur performed myomectomy surgery on me and he excellently removed 63 Fibroids. One year later Dr Onur suggested i do IVF treatment, Which I ended up going through and miraculously got Pregnant on first attempt. I want to thank Dr Onur Hassan for the miracles you have brought to my life and difference you make in lives of your patients. You are truly a remarkable Doctor and professional that we respect and trust. Thank you for your incredible care, comfort and concern during the procedure and visits . Now I am a normal and healthy mother to be.