What is Neuropelveology (Neuropelviology)?

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As a result of my work as an advanced endoscopy surgeon and advanced endometriosis surgeon for many years, I gained my expertise in neuropelviology, the founder of this branch of science, Prof. I received training from Marc Possover by successfully completing the theoretical-practical-surgical courses organized by him in Zurich, Switzerland.

Neuropelviology, the branch of science, deals with diseases arising from the nerves in the pelvic part of the body. Unfortunately, due to the anatomical structure of this region, which concerns many specialties (general surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, physical therapy, urology, etc.), patients suffering from complaints caused by the structures in this region are examined by many different branches of medicine and have to undergo treatment for many years. They cannot be diagnosed and may even be referred to psychiatry. Below you can read my brief informative article about the branch of neuropelviology.

What is Neuropelveology (Neuropelviology)?

It is a branch of science that investigates the causes of pelvic nerve dysfunction and injuries, and diagnoses and treats diseases affecting the pelvic nerves.

What kind of diseases does neuropelviology deal with?

  • Hyperactive bladder, urinary and fecal incontinence, urinary retention (inability to urinate)
  • Neuropathic pelvic pain
  • Genital area, hip, thigh, back and sciatica pain
  • Tumors of the pelvic bones and nerves
  • Loss of spinal cord functions after spinal cord trauma
  • Loss of sexual function in men and women.



Prof. Dr. H. Onur Topçu
Gynecology & Obstetrics-In Vitro Fertilization and Advanced Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist



We went to Dr. Onur 2 years ago, as a result of my research on the internet, for the treatment of endometriosis symptoms that I have been suffering from for years and because we wanted to have a baby. From the moment of the first examination, you understand that you are in the right place with his reassuring knowledge and approach. We went to other gynecologists many times and got a real diagnosis of endometriosis for the first time. The happiness you experience when you meet the specialist and the comfort of finally being in the right place are worth everything. In my first examination, the diagnosis of my cysts and intestinal adhesion and the condition of my ovaries and tubes were revealed with the medicated HSG performed for detailed examination. Our primary goal was pregnancy, which we have been trying for 2 years but could not achieve. That’s why Onur When my doctor performed embryo freezing with in vitro fertilization and then removed the adhesion caused by endometriosis with closed surgery and intervened in my cysts and tubes, he provided a suitable environment for the baby and relieved my pain. I got pregnant with the first embryo transfer, which took place 1 month after the surgery. We are finally at the place we aimed for. We wanted to experience these feelings and support my health. We owe a debt of gratitude to my teacher Onur, who helped me reunite. We have seen these days thanks to his support, knowledge and the trust he gave by reassuring even a person as anxious as me. Of course, to Ms. Gülşah and İlknur, who always showed us their smiling faces and sincerity at the clinic during this long and difficult process, and who were happy with my pregnancy news like the members of our family. We thank the lady very much.

FİL*** U***

Hello. My discomfort, which started 3 months after my birth, with persistent pain, nausea and bad menstrual periods, lasted for about 5 years. Even though many different doctors I went to told me there was nothing wrong, my discomfort continued to get worse. As a result of my research and the recommendation of another doctor, I made an appointment with Mr. Onur. First of all, he welcomed us as his guests rather than patients. And the fact that he answered each of our questions one by one, listened to us patiently, and gave me courage that I could recover, all of these were very important. I had my surgery and we are still in contact with him. I am grateful to him and thank you very much again and again, teacher.

Zey*** G***

I am grateful to my teacher Onur. I have been suffering from my menstrual period since 2018, which started in my right groin and went down from my right knee to my feet. I could not find the reason. I went to doctors and drank boxes of painkillers. Thank God, my illness is finally over. He found my painful area as if he had put it with his hand, diagnosed me with deep endometriosis and performed my surgery the next day. He explained very clearly and beautifully that this was the cause of my pain, which we felt for the first time. He patiently listened to the answers to every question I asked and explained me. He performed my surgery the next day. Since we came from a distance, he was discharged at the end of the 2nd day. May God bless my teacher Onur Topcu, thank God, I got rid of my pain, every time I call him, I thank him very much, I highly recommend him to everyone, my dear teacher Hasan Onur Topçu.

Ayş*** A***

I have been suffering from deep endometriosis for 2 years. There is no doctor left that I haven’t visited. He made the diagnosis with a single examination. Onur Hodja was always there for me, with his thoughtful behavior during my surgery and the psychological process I went through. He is a doctor as good as Onur Hodja, his knowledge of endometriosis and treating me as if I were a patient. I’m glad we crossed paths with someone like you. He still does my check-ups. He is not only a good doctor but also my biggest supporter.?

Pın*** K***

Onur Hoca işinin gerçekten ehli birisi çikolata kisti cerrahisinde çok başarılı. Endo ve adeno bir kadın icin cok zorlayıcı bir süreç ıyiki onur hocada ameliyat olmusum. Bütün ağrılarım geçti adetlerimde hep acile giderdim şükür çok rahat geçiyor daha 2 ay oldu üstelik ameliyat olalı. Gözünüz kapalı tercih edebileceğiniz konusunda uzman bir hoca.

Hil*** T***


Onur Hodja is a truly competent person and is very successful in chocolate cyst surgery. Endo and adeno is a very challenging process for a woman. I’m glad I had surgery with Onur Hodja. All my pains are gone. I always went to the emergency room during my periods. Thank God, it goes very easily. It’s only been 2 months since I had the surgery. He is an expert teacher that you can choose with your eyes closed.

Nur*** H***

I met my very valuable teacher after a long research and reached him on the internet. I had endometriosis, I had severe pain and bleeding. There were also times when I fainted from pain. He was diagnosed three years ago. I had surgery at another hospital two years ago, but my pain was not going away. This March, I found my doctor Onur, he performed my surgery in May and I am very well now. I’m glad I came across my teacher Onur. I am truly grateful to him. I, who had difficulty walking before, now even do sports. I cannot thank my teacher Onur enough.

Mer*** K***

Hello doctor site readers,,, I met Mr. Onur through the recommendation of a close friend who had deep endometriosis surgery,,, When I found out that I had a 12 cm myoma by chance, I started researching a doctor,,, all the doctors you went to said that I had to have an open operation due to the size of my myoma,, ,, Actually, I am a very detail-oriented and extremely panicky person, I wanted to get rid of myoma as soon as possible,,, I made an appointment with Mr. Onur upon the advice of my friend, even though I had no hope of getting rid of it,,, of course, before I went, I realized that I was wasting my time when I researched him,,,the operations he performed,,,the only thing I will go to. I realized that was the address. He is a very experienced, well-equipped physician who has spent a lot of time in laparoscopic operations. He explained every detail in a way that I could understand. Within ten minutes, I had already decided to have the surgery. We set the date for the hospital and my insurance transactions with his dear assistant. He took care of all the details,, I had surgery about a month ago,,,stayed in the hospital for one day,,,painless,,,painless,,,the operation was very comfortable,,, It has been about a month since the surgery,,,4 days Then I started working,,,I started my sports routine for a week,,,Apart from being a very experienced and equipped doctor as a doctor,,,he is also a very valuable person who can empathize as a person. I thank him very much.

Züb*** Y***

Onur Hodja, who I came across by chance while searching for a doctor on the internet due to my severe abdominal and groin pain, wrote his comments to his patients and made an appointment with him. He is truly a valuable person who does justice to what he wrote… Myoma) is a wonderful person, apart from enlightening me, with his interest, his friendliness, his approach as a friend rather than a patient-doctor relationship, and where you can ask any question you can think of without limit and get answers to. After the examination, we decided to have surgery and he said that he had brought out a little monster inside me, as he called it, and he gave me back my quality of life. He brought zero pain after the surgery, zero problems, zero problems, and I don’t want to miss the team in the office and the team in the hospital, because they were as sincere and sincere as Onur Hodja, a family atmosphere was created, they were all valuable people… Onur Hodja is much more than a doctor, he is a doctor that you will choose without hesitation and will never regret. The doctor is still a doctor who calls me back regardless of the time if there is something on my mind (it has been 3 months since the surgery, but my doctor is at the end of the phone and is a person who answers all my questions and enlightens me).

Güz*** Ş***


Hello, I have been having heavy menstrual bleeding for about 10 years. Even though I went to many doctors, my condition could not be diagnosed. When I saw Assoc. told. He answered all my questions sincerely and sincerely from the first day. I had my surgery using the laparoscopic surgery method and was discharged the next day. I thank him and his team. It’s been 3 weeks and everything is fine now, I’m glad to have you.

Yav*** D***

Hello, I have been having heavy menstrual bleeding for about 10 years. Even though I went to many doctors, my condition could not be diagnosed. When I saw Assoc. told. He answered all my questions sincerely and sincerely from the first day. I had my surgery using the laparoscopic surgery method and was discharged the next day. I thank him and his team. It’s been 3 weeks and everything is fine now, I’m glad to have you.??

Şer*** Ö***

Hello, I have been having heavy menstrual bleeding for about 10 years and for this reason, there was no doctor I went to. The ones I went to were treated with medicines etc., but a clear diagnosis could not be made. By chance, I found our teacher Onur on social media, his clear and understandable posts caught my attention and I decided to get examined. He welcomed me and at the first examination, he diagnosed my condition and learned that I had endometriosis and adenomyosis, that is, uterine enlargement with severe bleeding and adhesions up to my intestines (.Laparoscopic). He said that I needed a closed hysterectomy. He gave me confidence by answering the questions in my mind clearly. I had my surgery and was discharged the next day. 3 weeks have passed and thank God I am very well. I feel very lucky to have met Onur Hodja. He is a competent physician who can be trusted without hesitation. I would like to thank our Hodja Onur very much. I am glad I met him.

Rab*** D***

When the endometriosis symptoms that I had been suffering from for a long time (difficulty urinating, constipation, chronic pelvic pain (this was the worst), etc.) became intolerable, I decided to have surgery, and with the recommendation of my doctor and gynecologist friends, I contacted Onur Hoca. I’m over it. It’s my second month after the surgery and I’m very comfortable. Thank God, I don’t have the pain that made my life miserable. Thank you very much for your attention, sincerity, humanity, in short, for everything.

Özg*** A***

Onur teacher was very supportive and encouraging at every stage of the process, from the very beginning to after the surgery. He informed us in the best and most accurate way by explaining all the details of the process completely and clearly. I would like to thank my teacher Onur very much and definitely recommend him to those who are looking for a doctor in this field.

Arz*** A***