Chocolate Cyst (Endometrioma) Treatment

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Endometriosis is one of the gynecological diseases in which I am most interested, conduct research and organize conferences. I am a physician who has made great efforts to increase the recognition and awareness of endometriosis in our country. Breaking a first in Turkey, I founded the center, which deals only with patients with Endometriosis and Chronic Pelvic Pain , at Zekai Tahir Burak Women’s Health Training and Research Hospital in 2017, and I served as the director of this center until 2019. I worked at Ankara Memorial Hospital between April 2019 and November 2020. Since November 2020, we have been seeing and treating endometriosis patients from all over Turkey in our clinic in Ankara.

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During that period, I performed examinations, treatments and surgeries on hundreds of Endometriosis patients. My most important motivation for establishing this center was my observation that Endometriosis patients were quite neglected and to ensure that Endometriosis surgery, which requires advanced surgical experience, was performed optimally.

Since awareness of this disease is low not only in society but also among physicians, I have contributed to the organization of many social responsibility projects and trainings to raise awareness, and I continue to contribute.

As the founder of Ankara Endometriosis Center , I try to heal endometriosis patients in my clinic in Ankara. Additionally, on some days of the month, I see patients suffering from chocolate cysts (endometriosis) in Istanbul who live in Istanbul and cannot come to Ankara. For detailed information and an appointment in Ankara or Istanbul , you can contact us via the phone number in the contact section.

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The most well-known form of endometriosis among the public is the chocolate cyst , which we call endometrioma . In fact, chocolate cysts are the form of endometriosis on the egg. The difference from other forms of endometriosis is that chocolate cysts can reduce egg reserve. Women are usually diagnosed with endometriosis by seeing these cysts with ultrasound. Endometriomas (chocolate cysts) can be easily recognized by ultrasound, because chocolate cysts have typical appearances on ultrasound.

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You can read my informative article about Endometrioma (Chocolate Cyst) disease that I shared below.

Endometrioma (Chocolate Cyst)

There are 3 main types of endometriosis disease. These;

  • Peritoneal endometriosis
  • Ovarian endometriosis (endometrioma) (chocolate cyst)
  • Deep infiltrative endometriosis

The disease known as chocolate cyst is a cystic formation caused by endometriosis in the ovaries (eggs). The reason why it is called chocolate cyst is because the color of the cyst content is chocolate brown. The most important factor in the cyst content taking on this color is the emergence of the Fe (iron) element in the cyst after the breakdown of the hemoglobin protein accumulated after bleeding.

How Does Endometriosis Disease Occur?

In order to understand the formation of endometrioma (chocolate cyst), it is necessary to first know how endometriosis disease occurs. Because chocolate cyst disease is actually a type of endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a disease of menstruating women. Rarely, it may occur before menstruation begins. We do not expect new endometriosis lesions to appear during menopause, when menstruation stops. We can only see endometriosis lesions that have already formed after menopause. Exceptions to this may be women receiving hormone replacement therapy during menopause or cases where estrogen hormone is secreted more than normal due to a tumor in the body.

As we all know, women of reproductive age have their menstrual period approximately every 21 to 35 days. During menstruation, there are bleeding periods that last an average of 3 to 5 days, during which the innermost layer of the uterus (endometrium) is shed. In other words, menstrual blood does not only contain blood, but also the endometrium layer, which is the innermost layer of the uterus. The endometrium layer is a hormone-sensitive layer. Since there is a possibility of fertilization every month, the innermost layer of the uterus tries to prepare itself in the best way possible in case fertilization occurs. It prepares the ideal environment for the embryo to implant during the period when the egg hatches and a few days later. However, when there is no pregnancy, it is shed into the vagina along with menstrual blood to prepare for the next month when the egg is likely to hatch and fertilize.

All women experience what we call retrograde menstruation, which means some of the menstrual blood spills into the abdomen. This happens from inside the uterus to the abdomen through the tubes. As we explained above, this menstrual blood contains not only blood, but also the innermost membrane of the uterus, that is, endometrium tissue and cells. In approximately 90% of women, these tissues are cleared without causing any problems. However, in approximately 10% of cases, these endometrial cells cannot be cleared, although the cause is still unknown. These cells remain in the abdomen and tend to adhere to the tissue surrounding the inner surface of the abdomen, which we call peritoneum, and grow there. In women who cannot clear these cells, endometriosis disease, which we call sterile inflammation in the abdomen, begins in each menstrual period, under the influence of hormones, especially the female hormone estrogen, which can cause serious menstrual and abdominal pain. These women suffer from severe pain during each menstrual period for years due to the exacerbation of these lesions. These pains may include menstrual pain, pain during intercourse, pain during urination or defecation, and groin pain. In some cases, leg pain may also occur due to serious nerve involvement, especially in sciatic nerve endometriosis. In conclusion, endometriosis is the disease in which endometrium cells, which form the innermost layer of the uterus, are found outside the uterus and develop, multiply and cause disease in the tissue in which they are located. The root of the word comes from here. The word –osis means excessive increase, abnormal development. Endometrium means the inner membrane layer of the uterus. Endometriosis disease, as its root word, means abnormal development and excessive increase of the innermost membrane of the uterus.

How Does Endometrioma (Chocolate Cyst) Occur?

Endometrioma (chocolate cyst) disease is also called the cystic lesion in the ovary after these endometriosis cells, which can be found randomly in the abdominal membrane, come into contact with the ovary.

What are the Symptoms of Endometrioma (Chocolate Cyst)?

The symptoms of endometrioma (chocolate cyst) disease and endometriosis are similar.

In women, the most common causes are painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea), painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), painful urination (dysuria), painful defecation (dyschezia), groin pain and infertility.

The mechanism by which endometrioma causes pain is controversial. Because it is less common for endometriomas to be seen isolated, that is, to be only an endometrioma (chocolate cyst) and not to have other accompanying endometriosis types (peritoneal endometriosis or deep infiltrative endometriosis). Therefore, before surgery is performed on a patient with endometrioma (chocolate cyst) due to pain, that patient must be evaluated very well and other conditions that may cause pain must be determined.

There are two situations in which endometriomas can definitely cause pain. The first is the stretching of the cyst wall due to sudden growth, and the second is the spillage of the cyst contents into the abdomen due to the rupture (explosion) of the cyst.

Does Endometrioma (Chocolate Cyst) Cause Infertility?

I would like to give some rates for a better understanding of the relationship between endometrioma and infertility. 85% of healthy couples without any problems achieve pregnancy within a year with regular sexual intercourse. This rate is 50% in women with endometrioma (chocolate cyst). In other words, approximately 50% of women with endometrioma can become pregnant spontaneously. For the 50% who cannot conceive, medical or surgical treatments are applied to increase the chance of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, we do not have clear information showing how endometrioma (chocolate cyst) causes infertility. However, there are many logical theories about how it causes infertility. These;

  • Due to the coexistence of endometrioma (chocolate cyst) with endometriosis, adhesions caused by endometriosis cause swelling in the tube and deterioration of the anatomical relationship between the tube and the ovary.
  • Endometrioma itself can reduce ovarian reserve and impair the quality of oocytes (eggs), possibly due to toxic agents produced within the endometrioma.
  • Endometriosis disease itself can cause infertility by disrupting sperm movement or by impairing the uterus’ ability to accept the embryo (fertilized egg).

Does Endometrioma (Chocolate Cyst) Become Cancer?

The lifetime chance of developing ovarian cancer in women is 1.4%. This means that approximately one in every 70 women will have ovarian cancer in their lifetime. This rate is approximately 2-3% in women with endometrioma (chocolate cyst). This means that approximately one in 33 to 50 women with endometrioma will develop ovarian cancer. When we look at the incidence of ovarian cancer, we see that there is an increased relationship between endometrioma (chocolate cyst) and ovarian cancer, although not at a very high rate. Clear cell and endometrioid types of ovarian cancer are more common in women with endometrioma. Surgical treatment should be considered as a priority, especially in women with endometriomas in the post-menopausal period and in endometriomas that are suspected to be cancerous.

How is Endometrioma (Chocolate Cyst) Treated?

Endometrioma (chocolate cyst) treatment should be individualized. In other words, treatment should be planned according to the complaint of this disease in the woman and her desire for a child. While planning this treatment, issues such as the severity of pain, the woman’s age, other accompanying reproductive system diseases, and egg reserve are reviewed.

Due to pain, medically suppressive agents (drugs) are primarily preferred. If these suppressive agents do not work, then surgical treatment can be planned for pain complaints.

Pain medications cannot be given to women complaining of infertility. Because most of these drugs also prevent pregnancy. Therefore, as I mentioned above, treatment should be considered individually and be specific to each woman.

Strategies to increase pregnancy, especially in a woman suffering from infertility and endometrioma (chocolate cyst), vary depending on the woman’s age and egg reserve. Spontaneous pregnancy can be achieved after surgery in women with good egg reserve and under the age of 35. In vitro fertilization treatment seems more logical for women with poor egg reserves and over the age of 35.

Endometrioma (chocolate cyst) surgery is one of the most controversial issues today for women who want to have children. Because of the nature of this disease, the disease itself can reduce the ovarian reserve, and endometrioma (chocolate cyst) surgery can also reduce the ovarian reserve. Therefore, as I mentioned above, endometrioma (chocolate cyst) treatment should be individualized and specific to each patient.


Medical (drug) treatment for women with endometrioma (chocolate cyst)

  • birth control pills
  • progestins
  • 3 month injection
  • GnRH agonist (temporary menopause drugs) Monthly or quarterly
  • GnRH antagonists

In the medical treatment of endometriosis or endometrioma, it should not be forgotten that none of the treatments given will eradicate the existing disease. Current treatments are effective as long as they are used. When they are stopped, the complaints the patient had before may return.

To help my patients understand better, I explain the treatments used in endometriosis by giving examples of the same treatments used in diabetes or blood pressure diseases. Just as the treatments used in the diseases I mentioned keep blood pressure or sugar levels under control as long as they are used, but do not completely eliminate the disease itself, a similar situation is valid for the drugs used in endometriosis. Complaints related to endometriosis usually disappear completely in the post-menopausal period. Because during menopause, the female hormone estrogen, which is the nutritional source of the disease, decreases.

Surgical Treatment for Women with Endometrioma (Chocolate Cyst)

The gold standard in the surgical treatment of endometrioma is laparoscopic cystectomy. In other words, it is the removal of cyst tissue through closed surgery. I recommend that laparoscopy surgery, especially laparoscopic endometrioma surgery, be performed by physicians with high experience who have worked on this subject for years. Because the nature of endometriosis is a disease that causes intra-abdominal adhesions, endometrioma surgery may be incomplete or may result in unnecessary complications in hands that are not experienced in this regard.

I talked about endometriosis in detail in the television program whose link I shared below. Those who wish can watch it. There are also videos of my deep infiltrative endometriosis and endometrioma surgeries on my YouTube channel. Those who wish and are curious can watch.

Stay healthy..

Assoc. Dr. H. Onur Topçu
Gynecology & Obstetrics-In Vitro Fertilization and Advanced Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist


Prof. Dr. H. Onur Topçu
Gynecology & Obstetrics-In Vitro Fertilization and Advanced Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist



Hello, my illness, which could not be diagnosed for 1 year, was finally diagnosed as endometriosis. Fortunately, a doctor I went to for a check-up discovered that I was suffering from endometriosis, and since the doctor was not an expert in his field, he said he would send you to a specialist and I found myself in Onur Hodja’s clinic the next day. They had previously told me that I had stenosis in my intestine, but the cause could not be found. My doctor Onur saw this with his expert eyes and said that I had deep endometriosis in my intestine and therefore I needed surgery as soon as possible. At first I was very scared because he said it was too big and if I didn’t have surgery it would get worse day by day. I cried, I was scared, I couldn’t digest it. Because my doctor warned me that if there is a leak in the intestine after the surgery, even if it is 1%, I may have to travel with a bag for 3 months. Even the low probability affects a person, but I said that if I don’t exist today, I will be different tomorrow and maybe I will lose my organs because this endometrio had also swollen my kidney. I had my surgery on February 6th. Yes, it’s a bit painful afterwards, but today it’s been a week and I feel much better. Before the surgery, I couldn’t go to the toilet, I had constant cramps, and I couldn’t even eat. In fact, when I went to my teacher Onur, he said, “It’s interesting how you are standing now.” I must have endured those pains where I needed to be urgent. Thank goodness, there was no leakage problem. You can be sure that the week-long surgery pain has become more tolerable for me, in addition to the complaints I have been suffering from for months. The process was difficult and short, but it ended well. I know it will be even more beautiful. My teacher Onur’s attitude, stance and communication were very good. He was reachable at any time, he came to visit every day, and if he didn’t come, he called. Good thing Onur Hodja…

Kü… Tay.. Tu…

In February 2023, I had a small bowel resection due to deep endometriosis. This was a rare case that took me more than six years to find the right doctor: Dr. Onur Topçu is the best doctor I could ask for. Dealing with persistent small bowel obstructions every 2-3 months has been my struggle for over six years. His unique expertise and skill freed me from the problem part of my body and allowed me to return to a more normal life. Thanks to the laparoscopy and a small incision on my abdomen, I quickly resumed my normal routine. Me Dr. I am incredibly grateful for the shared experiences and reviews that led to Artillery, and I hope to offer support to others facing similar challenges by sharing my thoughts.

Additionally, as a member of endometriosis groups in the USA, I strongly advocate that you seek treatment with my doctor in Turkey instead of wasting your time. We advise our friends not to delay and contact Dr. I suggest they consider getting the best treatment from Topçu. I am so grateful that I found him and he saved my life ??

Haz.. Haz..

Although I am a doctor myself, I went to see my teacher Onur for an interview with the advice of another gynecologist teacher, as I could no longer stand the abdominal pain I had been experiencing for a long time. His communication and information about the disease process during and after the first meeting was really reassuring. Even though it was a very difficult surgery after the decision to have surgery, I think he is definitely one of the best doctors you can trust in this regard. He always showed his interest and support during my hospitalization and after the surgery. Although it has been 1.5 months since the surgery, my pain is completely gone and I am much better. I can say that he is a very successful doctor whom we will definitely trust regarding endometriosis. I would like to thank Mr. Onur for his efforts.

Şul*** Ö***

We went to Dr. Onur 2 years ago, as a result of my research on the internet, for the treatment of endometriosis symptoms that I have been suffering from for years and because we wanted to have a baby. From the moment of the first examination, you understand that you are in the right place with his reassuring knowledge and approach. We went to other gynecologists many times and got a real diagnosis of endometriosis for the first time. The happiness you experience when you meet the specialist and the comfort of finally being in the right place are worth everything. In my first examination, the diagnosis of my cysts and intestinal adhesion and the condition of my ovaries and tubes were revealed with the medicated HSG performed for detailed examination. Our primary goal was pregnancy, which we have been trying for 2 years but could not achieve. That’s why Onur When my doctor performed embryo freezing with in vitro fertilization and then removed the adhesion caused by endometriosis with closed surgery and intervened in my cysts and tubes, he provided a suitable environment for the baby and relieved my pain. I got pregnant with the first embryo transfer, which took place 1 month after the surgery. We are finally at the place we aimed for. We wanted to experience these feelings and support my health. We owe a debt of gratitude to my teacher Onur, who helped me reunite. We have seen these days thanks to his support, knowledge and the trust he gave by reassuring even a person as anxious as me. Of course, to Ms. Gülşah and İlknur, who always showed us their smiling faces and sincerity at the clinic during this long and difficult process, and who were happy with my pregnancy news like the members of our family. We thank the lady very much.

FİL*** U***

Hello. My discomfort, which started 3 months after my birth, with persistent pain, nausea and bad menstrual periods, lasted for about 5 years. Even though many different doctors I went to tell me there was nothing wrong, my discomfort continued to get worse. As a result of my research and the recommendation of another doctor, I made an appointment with Mr. Honour. First of all, he welcomed us as his guests rather than patients. And the fact that he answered each of our questions one by one, he listened to us patiently, and gave me courage that I could recover, all of these were very important. I had my surgery and we are still in contact with him. I am grateful to him and thank you very much again and again, teacher.

Zey*** G***

I am grateful to my teacher Onur. I have been suffering from my menstrual period since 2018, which started in my right groin and went down from my right knee to my feet. I could not find the reason. I went to doctors and drank boxes of painkillers. Thank God, my illness is finally over. He found my painful area as if he had put it with his hand, diagnosed me with deep endometriosis and performed my surgery the next day. He explained very clearly and beautifully that this was the cause of my pain, which we felt for the first time. He patiently listened to the answers to every question I asked and explained me. He performed my surgery the next day. Since we came from a distance, he was discharged at the end of the 2nd day. May God bless my teacher Onur Topcu, thank God, I got rid of my pain, every time I call him, I thank him very much, I highly recommend him to everyone, my dear teacher Hasan Onur Topçu.

Ayş*** A***

I have been suffering from deep endometriosis for 2 years. There is no doctor left that I haven’t visited. He made the diagnosis with a single examination. Onur Hodja was always there for me, with his thoughtful behavior during my surgery and the psychological process I went through. He is a doctor as good as Onur Hodja, his knowledge of endometriosis and treating me as if I were a patient. I’m glad we crossed paths with someone like you. He still does my check-ups. He is not only a good doctor but also my biggest supporter.

Pın*** K***

Onur Hodja is a truly competent person and is very successful in chocolate cyst surgery. Endo and adeno is a very challenging process for a woman. I’m glad I had surgery with Onur Hodja. All my pains are gone. I always went to the emergency room during my periods. Thank God, it goes very easily. It’s only been 2 months since I had the surgery. He is an expert teacher that you can choose with your eyes closed.

Hil*** T***

I went to my doctor Onur TOPCU as an endometriosis patient. My pain and constipation were unbearable. I was very pleased with his welcoming us, his interest in us, his information about the surgery process, and the fact that he wondered how I was and asked how I was, even if I neglected to call. I visited many doctors for my surgery, even though I was 43 years old, they said we would remove all the ovaries and the uterus, then they found the surgery risky and gave up. Onur TOPCU My doctor cleaned my ovaries and all the cysts stuck to my intestinal system. 3 days after my surgery, my constipation started to disappear and there is no trace of my pain now, thank God, I am very well, it has been two days since the surgery. It has been a month and a half and I am very comfortable. I would definitely recommend my doctor Onur TOPCU to all my women and sisters who have problems with gynecological diseases like me.

Nur*** H***

I met my very valuable teacher after a long research and reached him on the internet. I had endometriosis, I had severe pain and bleeding. There were also times when I fainted from pain. He was diagnosed three years ago. I had surgery at another hospital two years ago, but my pain was not going away. This March, I found my doctor Onur, he performed my surgery in May and I am very well now. I’m glad I came across my teacher Onur, I am truly grateful to him. I, who had difficulty walking before, now even do sports.  I cannot thank my teacher Onur enough.

Mer*** K***

Hello doctor site readers,,, I met Mr. Onur through the recommendation of a close friend who had deep endometriosis surgery,,, When I found out that I had a 12 cm myoma by chance, I started researching a doctor,,, all the doctors you went to said that I had to have an open operation due to the size of my myoma,, ,, Actually, I am a very detail-oriented and extremely panicky person, I wanted to get rid of myoma as soon as possible,,, I made an appointment with Mr. Onur upon the advice of my friend, even though I had no hope of getting rid of it,,, of course, before I went, I realized that I was wasting my time when I researched him,,,the operations he performed,,,the only thing I will go to. I realized that was the address. He is a very experienced, well-equipped physician who has spent a lot of time in laparoscopic operations. He explained every detail in a way that I could understand. Within ten minutes, I had already decided to have the surgery. We set the date for the hospital and my insurance transactions with his dear assistant. He took care of all the details,, I had surgery about a month ago,,,stayed in the hospital for one day,,,painless,,,painless,,,the operation was very comfortable,,, It has been about a month since the surgery,,,4 days Then I started working,,,I started my sports routine for a week,,,Apart from being a very experienced and equipped doctor as a doctor,,,he is also a very valuable person who can empathize as a person. I thank him very much.

Züb*** Y***

Onur Hodja, who I came across by chance while searching for a doctor on the internet due to my severe abdominal and groin pain, wrote his comments to his patients and made an appointment with him. He is truly a valuable person who does justice to what he wrote… Myoma) is a wonderful person, apart from enlightening me, with his interest, his friendliness, his approach as a friend rather than a patient-doctor relationship, and where you can ask any question you can think of without limit and get answers to. After the examination, we decided to have surgery and he said that he had brought out a little monster inside me, as he called it, and he gave me back my quality of life. He brought zero pain after the surgery, zero problems, zero problems, and I don’t want to miss the team in the office and the team in the hospital, because they were as sincere and sincere as Onur Hodja, a family atmosphere was created, they were all valuable people… Onur Hodja is much more than a doctor, he is a doctor that you will choose without hesitation and will never regret. The doctor is still a doctor who calls me back regardless of the time if there is something on my mind (it has been 3 months since the surgery, but my doctor is at the end of the phone and is a person who answers all my questions and enlightens me)

Güz*** Ş***

Hello, I have been having heavy menstrual bleeding for about 10 years. Even though I went to many doctors, my condition could not be diagnosed. When I saw Assoc. told. He answered all my questions sincerely and sincerely from the first day. I had my surgery using the laparoscopic surgery method and was discharged the next day. I thank him and his team. It’s been 3 weeks and everything is fine now, I’m glad to have you.

Yav*** D***

Hello, I had excessive menstrual bleeding and pain every month, my life was like a nightmare until I met my teacher Onur. I am grateful to my doctor Onur. I had a very good surgery. I am very comfortable now. He is very successful in his profession. You can easily entrust yourself to him.

Şer*** Ö***

Hello, I had excessive menstrual bleeding and pain every month, my life was like a nightmare until I met my teacher Onur. I am grateful to my doctor Onur. I had a very good surgery. I am very comfortable now. He is very successful in his profession. You can easily entrust yourself to him.

Rab*** D***

When the endometriosis symptoms that I had been suffering from for a long time (difficulty urinating, constipation, chronic pelvic pain (this was the worst), etc.) became intolerable, I decided to have surgery, and with the recommendation of my doctor and gynecologist friends, I contacted Onur Hoca. I’m over it. It’s my second month after the surgery and I’m very comfortable. Thank God, I don’t have the pain that made my life miserable. Thank you very much for your attention, sincerity, humanity, in short, for everything.

Özg*** A***

I couldn’t walk or even sit for 5 minutes because of my pain. My teacher Onur was the first to tell me that my sacral nerve was affected. Thank goodness I got better with surgery. I, who used to not be able to sit for even 5 minutes, can now sit for hours. I recommend Onur teacher to everyone.

Fa*** Y**

I had endometriosis for many years, which caused unbearable pain and made me unable to walk. Thanks to Onur teacher, he diagnosed sciatic nerve endometriosis when he first saw me. It’s a very rare disease. Now my foot is falling off, I couldn’t even walk, not to mention the pain. We immediately planned surgery. My doctor Onur told me that it was a difficult surgery, but I trusted him so much that we immediately arranged the surgery day. Thank God, my unbearable pain after the surgery is over. Now my foot is slowly getting back to normal.
While there are only a few experts in the world on this subject, it is a chance for our country to have Onur in Ankara. I thank him very much.

Se*** G**

Hello. My discomfort, which started 3 months after my birth, with persistent pain, nausea and bad menstrual periods, lasted for about 5 years. Even though many different doctors I went to told me there was nothing wrong, my discomfort continued to get worse. As a result of my research and with the recommendation of another doctor, I made an appointment with Mr. Onur. First of all, he welcomed us as his guests rather than patients. And the fact that he answered each of our questions one by one, listened to us patiently, and gave me courage that I could recover, all of these were very important. I had my surgery and we are still in contact with him. I am grateful to him and thank you very much again and again, teacher.

Zey*** G***

Onur teacher was very supportive and encouraging at every stage of the process, from the very beginning to after the surgery. He informed us in the best and most accurate way by explaining all the details of the process completely and clearly. I would like to thank my teacher Onur very much and definitely recommend him to those who are looking for a doctor in this field.

Arz*** A***

Our meeting with my dear teacher coincided when I went to many places and could not get a response to the treatments and lost hope because they were called psychological. I came across him while searching the internet to see if anyone had the same condition as me. I talked on the phone and requested an appointment. She listened and examined me with great care. She understood what I was going through. Follow it for a while. She decided to have surgery. He performed my difficult surgery successfully. She never left me alone, both before and after the operation. He answered my questions politely. Before I met my teacher, I couldn’t walk and was tired with stomach aches. He extended his healing hands to me. I can’t thank him enough. It’s been 6 months she. I’m very good right now. I have no more pain. I would like to thank my dear teacher and his team a thousand times. I hope it will touch many more people waiting for healing.

Züm*** T***

After a tedious investigation, I went to Onur Hodja with the complaint that the 14 cm cyst in the ovarian and uterus area was putting pressure on the intestine. The moment I set foot in the clinic, I encountered a peaceful environment. His teammates are special from him, special from his teammates. After examining the analysis and MRI results, we decided to have surgery on the same day. Without wasting any time, all preparations were made and I had the surgery the next day. Unfortunately, the piece taken during the surgery was found to be malignant by frozen examination. Later, while explaining this to us, I saw that Onur Hodja felt every moment with us emotionally.” This is really important.” One of us has a sincerity that deals with his patient one-on-one, that we can reach at any time, patiently answers all our questions, and psychologically comforts his patient. I had no problems with my surgery after surgery, the surgery is really good. The surgery is not over and done with, he follows the subsequent treatment process closely, even if it is not his field, he has previously worked with Assoc.Prof.Dr. It is enough to be a patient of Hasan Onur Topçu. I received instant answers to every question I had from Onur Hodja. I hope no one will need it, but we are human and sometimes we get sick. As a gynecologist, I recommend it to my relatives and loved ones with peace of mind. If Onur Hodja is with you, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. I thank you wholeheartedly for everything…..

Hat*** G***

The pain I suffered for years ended when I found my teacher Onur. I visited so many doctors that for years I was always told there was nothing wrong and sent back. I don’t have my period every 15 days, I have bleeding that lasts 12-13 days, and I have pains that make my life unbearable. So much so that the pain that does not go away with 7.8 painkillers a day and needle serum does not help. Finally, I found my doctor Onur and had my surgery. Of course, it has been 1 month since I had surgery and my uterus was removed, but I am thankful for this because the comfort I have experienced even in this 1 month is indescribable. Please listen to your pains and surrender yourself to my teacher Onur regarding the deep endometrium. My surgery was a very risky and dangerous surgery, but my doctor handled it successfully. Thank you very much again. I thank God, I’m glad he brought you to me.

Ebr*** D***

He is a great doctor ♥️ He understands you as a patient, explains the disease in a way you can understand, and most importantly, makes you feel valuable. Thanks to my doctor Onur, I had a comfortable and successful surgery. My wife was abroad during this process, and her thoughtfulness in informing her about this process made us happy. His existence is very valuable to us.

Nih*** S***

Hello, I was examined by Onur Hodja upon the recommendation of my pain, whose cause could not be found for years, for which I had been going back and forth between gastroenterology, urology and gynecology, for which I could not be diagnosed and who was told that it was psychological. Dear doctor, he performed my deep endometriosis and adenomyosis surgery. As a person who is incredibly afraid of surgery, the post-operative period was also comfortable for me. It really was a turning point in my life. My only regret is why I did not cross paths with my teacher Onur before and that I suffered these pains that alienated me from life in vain. I thank him very much for everything.

Eda E***

I met Mr. Onur thanks to my doctor Barış Büke in Izmir. Every period I had was incredibly painful and difficult. My pain during intercourse and examination was very intense. Mr. Barış referred me directly to Mr. Onur, we went and met and decided to have surgery. It was very stressful, I was very scared, but it was not at all what I expected. I had almost no pain after the surgery. If you have deep endometriosis and are afraid of surgery, do not be afraid. Thank you very much, Onur teacher, she has menstrual periods that are not too scary. I’m glad we met her.
Esm*** Y***

I also had two chocolate cysts, 13 cm on the right and 4 cm on the left. The 13 cm cyst was wrapped around the right egg. Other doctors I went to said that they would also remove the cyst and the egg, and if necessary, they would also remove the tubes. Since I was single and considering the possibility of having children in the future, I did not want the egg to be removed. After a long and detailed search, I made an appointment with Onur Hodja. Professor Onur gave information about endometriosis in full detail. He said that he would perform my surgery by preserving the eggs, burning the capsules of the cysts and using argon laser without damaging the eggs. We performed my surgery laparoscopically on March 1. The 13 cm cyst had grown towards my belly button and was stretching the artery. (I had been going to the emergency room and cardiology clinic for the last few months due to heart palpitations. My results were clear.) After my 4-hour surgery, I was saved, first thanks to God and then to my teacher Onur. Thank you sir. I wish you continued success.

Oz** Se**

I cannot tell you about my nightmare-filled, painful days. Sleepless nights… I didn’t want to do anything in my daily life. I couldn’t take care of my child. Emergencies, injections, serums, painkillers… I avoided surgery for many years. But now I see that God bless my teacher Onur a thousand times. Thanks to you, I say I’m glad. I have suffered all these years of pain for nothing. I was scared for nothing. Believe me, I visited dozens of doctors. I met my teacher Onur late. I wish I could have met you before. The doctor is very understanding, very professional and explains everything one by one. Deep endometriosis, adenomniosis, nodule, adhesions. Thanks to which I was saved? Sir Onur, I am glad to have you. Thank God, I got better and our house got better. My wife says I will not go to anyone else other than Onur from now on.  If you are reading these comments, it means you are looking for a solution. I searched a lot and thankfully I found my teacher Onur. I also read a lot of comments. My only regret is that I found my teacher Onur late. But from now on I’m the only doctor?

Sev*** Y***

I strongly recommend Onur, who I went to after researching endometriosis. Considering all the pain I suffered because of not being diagnosed before, the right doctor is very important. My postoperative pain with laparoscopic surgery has decreased significantly. Professor Onur is the best doctor I have seen in this field with his knowledge and experience. Thanks for everything

Sed*** A***

What I can say briefly is that I would entrust myself and my loved ones to Onur Hodja with great peace of mind. Moreover, since I entrusted myself to him, my health and life have improved in very significant ways. As a doctor, as a scientist, and as a human being, I’m glad! Someone I say exists is Assoc. Prof. Onur Topçu. Thank you very much. My longer story is as follows: When I finally found my teacher Onur, I had been suffering from very painful periods for many years, which had recently become completely unbearable, affecting my quality of life and functionality badly, and in fact, starting to melt away my hope and psychological resistance. During my painful days, I was coming to a point where I could not walk, eat, or function as a normal individual, and the number of my painful days was gradually increasing. First, I would like to share a little bit about my process before finding Teacher Onur – maybe those who read this are going through similar experiences and will see that they are not alone. Over the years, I went to different specialist doctors. I was diagnosed with fibroids at one point, but they all overlooked my endometriosis. Finally, through my own research and efforts, I learned that there was a disease called endometriosis, and seeing that it seemed to coincide with my condition, but I was extremely intimidated by what I read on the internet about this disease, and I asked the doctors I went to with concern whether I had endometriosis. I was brushing it off without much emphasis, saying maybe it was there, but not asking for the necessary tests and not doing anything new for treatment. Most of the time, I was sent off from the doctor’s office by being advised over and over again to take the same type of painkillers, even though I said that they were not enough for my pain and that they did not help the other strange and disturbing symptoms I felt outside of the pain period. It was also recommended to remove my fibroid, explaining that it would be good for pain, but the doctors I had visited until then had said that they would perform it as an open surgery. As someone who had not had children yet and wanted to preserve her fertility, I was not interested in having surgery on my uterus, and unfortunately I could not find doctors who could explain my concerns on this issue with the expertise, openness, patience, and compassion that I could think of. The medicine wasn’t helping either. My condition was getting worse month by month. And going from doctor to doctor, explaining my problems, suffering the material and moral fatigue of this process, and then not being able to find a solution drove me to despair and exhaustion. At such a time, I had the chance to know my dear teacher Onur. When I read what he wrote on his website, I see that he embraces endometriosis patients with a real expertise, interest, and sense of responsibility, and that he has devoted his career very consistently to researching this disease, informing the public about it, educating doctors on this subject, and treating patients correctly with the necessary attention and expertise. I saw that he was dedicated to making it happen. From the patient comments I read, I learned a lot about both his experience and success as a physician and his beautiful personality that comforted people in pain at this sensitive time. Finally, when I met Onur Hodja for the first time, he listened to me for a long time, carefully, and with great human respect. Just being listened to sincerely by someone who can and wants to help you really brings healing, goodness and strength to a person. My doctor looked at my old examinations, but also did a detailed examination himself, which no doctor had ever done to me before. He diagnosed endometriosis and confirmed the diagnosis of myoma. He explained my treatment options from a scientific perspective, in the detail I needed due to my personality. He was going to perform my surgery both for myoma and endometriosis in a closed (laparoscopic) manner. I was very relieved to know that I could have closed surgery, which gives better results than open surgery but requires more expertise. Professor Onur answered my endless questions. But when he noticed that I was starting to ask bottomless questions that were causing me a lot of stress, he reminded me in an extremely gentle and compassionate way that I could entrust some details to him and relax myself – he was really right! 🙂 When I finally found a doctor I could trust, it was really good for me to trust him and start letting go of the stress of trying to control and confirm everything. Professor Onur explained what he deemed medically necessary in a very clear but non-oppressive and hasty way. When considering which treatment plan to follow, he explained that medicine is very clear on some issues, but there are also some questions that cannot be answered definitively from a medical perspective, and at this point, it would be appropriate for the patient to decide by taking his own wishes and values into consideration. For example, Onur Hodja helped me take very appropriate precautions regarding both the medical need to undergo surgery and my personal desire to preserve my fertility. In conclusion, thanks to my teacher Onur, I felt ready physically, mentally and spiritually, and despite all my fear at the beginning, I could finally entrust myself to him with great peace of mind.In a surgery that I understood, my doctor Onur cleared my endometriosis foci and removed myoma. Due to the location and depth of the endometriosis foci, I might have had to undergo a much more invasive and severe surgery in the hands of a different, less experienced and less responsible surgeon. Thanks to my doctor Onur’s careful surgery, I went through this process as mildly as possible. Thank you, Doctor Onur continued to follow up with me after the surgery as well as before, and continued to inform me during my recovery process and reassure me that everything would be fine. I know I wrote for a very long time, but my teacher Onur gave me such great medical and humanitarian support during such a difficult period, and even supported my family who were worried about my health, with dedication and patience, that it took me such a long time to try to properly explain the treatment and recovery process I went through with him. It is a great treasure that we have doctors and scientists like Onur Hoca, who I feel are extremely competent at the highest level of international standards. I would like to thank my teacher Onur very, very much. I recommend him wholeheartedly. I would also like to thank the administrative team and nurses of the practice who supported us with great kindness and warmth during this process.

Sil*** S***

Mr. Onur was my mother’s doctor, they had a successful operation together, and I met with him with the complaint of missed periods and pain. He and his team are a very caring, professional and hygienic team. I felt very comfortable, he explained the entire treatment process in detail without leaving any doubt, I left very happy, he is the only doctor you can work with without any doubt for all routine checks and chronic problems. Love to him and his team.

Nis*** D***

I cannot tell you about my nightmare-filled, painful days. Sleepless nights… I didn’t want to do anything in my daily life. I couldn’t take care of my child. Emergencies, injections, serums, painkillers… I avoided surgery for many years. But now I see that God bless my teacher Onur a thousand times. Thanks to you, I say I’m glad. I have suffered all these years of pain for nothing. I was scared for nothing. Believe me, I visited dozens of doctors. I met my teacher Onur late. I wish I could have met you before. The doctor is very understanding, very professional and explains everything one by one. Deep endometriosis, adenomniosis, nodule, adhesions. Thanks to which I was saved? Sir Onur, I am glad to have you. Thank God, I got better and our house got better. My wife says I will not go to anyone else other than Onur from now on.  If you are reading these comments, it means you are looking for a solution. I searched a lot and thankfully I found my teacher Onur. I also read a lot of comments. My only regret is that I found my teacher Onur late. But from now on I’m the only doctor?

Sev*** Y***

I strongly recommend Onur, who I went to after researching endometriosis. Considering all the pain I suffered because of not being diagnosed before, the right doctor is very important. My postoperative pain with laparoscopic surgery has decreased significantly. Professor Onur is the best doctor I have seen in this field with his knowledge and experience. Thanks for everything❤️

Sed*** A***

My teacher Onur’s hands are truly magical, he is a doctor full of miracles. Besides being a good doctor, he is also a good person. He is one of us who has no ego. I have been dealing with endometriosis for more than eight years. All the doctors I went to were saying surgery, but I couldn’t be convinced. Then I found my teacher Onur. When I went to him, he knew everything at the first examination, without doing any tests or looking at the old results. He was so knowledgeable about the situation that he said I needed surgery. I decided to have surgery, but until the day of the surgery, I was a panic patient and kept calling my doctor and asking questions. But my doctor answered all my calls and answered them without getting tired. This must be being there for a person in a difficult day. Because I was panicking, he took me first on the day of the surgery. First he came to my room, I don’t want to say anything to the other doctors, but most of them were calling the operating room with a phone call. My doctor Onur came himself, held my hand, gave me a morale boost, and when I gave him a sedative, I went to the surgery. Yes, it was a difficult surgery, and it took 4 and a half hours, but my doctor took care of everything with his magic hands. I say because he is a miraculous doctor. He was always with us after the surgery and answered my endless questions. May God bless you, sir. Now there is only one doctor in my knowledge of gynecological diseases, and that is ONUR TOPÇU. I send and recommend everyone around me to my teacher. Hocsm has become like a family member to me, like a brother. He is such a humble person. If we say that he is a human being first and then a doctor, he is the only example of being a human. Thank you endlessly, sir.

Mel*** A***

I can say that the day I was examined by Mr. Onur was the turning point of my life… I have endometriosis and I had pain that did not go away for about 17 years and could not be diagnosed, ruining my quality of life. Until now, I have been to many doctors in Istanbul who are experts and famous in their field regarding endometriosis, but none of them helped me with my pain. He couldn’t give me a guarantee of healing because they couldn’t see anything in the ultrasound or MRI scans, so they couldn’t say anything for sure, they couldn’t give me hope, so I helplessly accepted having these pains for the rest of my life. I discovered Mr. Onur by chance and actually I didn’t go with high hopes, but he found the area causing the pain in the first ultrasound examination and he was very confident. He said that somehow he would relieve this pain… Even though I went to many doctors, Mr. Onur was the only doctor who diagnosed my painful endometriosis with ultrasound.. That moment when Mr. Onur confidently said “I know it is there” was one of the most important moments of my life.. It was one of the worst and most important moments in my life. The difficult thing is the feeling of “uncertainty”, but for the first time in my life, a doctor spoke confidently… Mr. Onur has a confident style due to his knowledge of endometriosis and this style gives people endless confidence. He performed my surgery 4 days ago and I feel very good. … Onur Bey saw the endometriosis foci that he predicted during the ultrasound scan, when he opened the surgery and cleaned them all… I live in Kırşehir, and although he is a few hours away from me, I have not been able to discover my doctor for years, and many years of my life have been wasted… Endometriosis patients living in Anatolia We were going to Istanbul to get a correct diagnosis, but it turned out that there was no need for it. I am writing this in case someone like me who does not know this will read it and benefit from it. There is a doctor in Ankara who diagnoses and treats endometriosis very well. Apart from his success as a doctor, his humanitarian aspect, his approach to the patient, his detailed explanation, I am glad that he became my doctor with his positive aspects such as his smooth style and his continued interest after the surgery… I know that a pain-free life awaits me…

Eyl*** E***

I had severe abdominal pain and bloating for 1.5 years. It could not be diagnosed. It was said that it could be due to the intestines and medications were given, but there was no relief. I went to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and they said it was endometriosis. I read the comments about Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Onur Topçu on the internet and clicked on the link. Once I passed, an appointment was made immediately. The doctor made me feel very comfortable with his smiling face and self-confidence. He arranged my treatment immediately, Dr. Onur. I work in Konya Akşehir. The doctor contacted me every month to tell me how the treatment was successful and we determined the surgery day. Normally, I am a panic person, but with the understanding and smiling face of the Doctor, I went into the surgery very psychologically.

Den*** K***

Severe pain that started suddenly, wrong treatments applied to my undiagnosed disease that went to emergency rooms every week, painkillers that I took at least 7-8 times a day, and constant severe pain, as a result of not being able to even take a step anymore, waking up every night with severe pain, and experiencing pain that does not go away. Being exhausted both physically and psychologically as my quality of life decreases as a result of bloodless pain… I can’t even breathe while writing these sentences… At such a time, Assoc. Prof., an expert in his field. Dr. Our paths crossed with Hasan Onur Topçu. It was really important for me that he made a complete diagnosis at the first examination, gave enlightening information about endometriosis, patiently answered the questions I was curious about, approached me with a constructive approach and was friendly. He detected that I had adenomyosis as well as endometriosis, and as a result of the successful surgery, I felt like I was reborn and officially opened my eyes to the world again. Professor Onur’s cheerfulness, compassion, approach with great empathy, care and comforting conversations provided me with great support both before and after the surgery. I would also like to thank Nurse İlknur and her secretary Gülşah Hanım in the clinic team for their helpfulness and cordial approach. When I open my eyes to each pain-free day, I pray to my teacher Onur. May God forgive our teacher to his family and loved ones and grant him many healthy and happy lives. I am grateful.?? I’m so glad to have you, Professor Onur. We are so glad we met you, you are very valuable to us and you are an excellent doctor…??? Endless thanks with greetings and love…??

İre*** Ç***

Hello, my quality of life has decreased due to my never-ending pain and bleeding for years and I did not want to do anything. No matter which doctor I went to, they could not find any solution, they did not understand what was happening and I always left sad. But I was sure that I would find a surgeon who would be good for me, and one day, while I was researching, I came across Onur teacher by chance. It turns out it will be my miracle? I watched the procedures he performed regarding this disease and I said yes, this doctor will be my miracle. I made an appointment immediately without hesitation and we went. He welcomed me with a smile and sincerely explained everything about what to do about this disease. My disease was endometriosis and also adenomyosis and we decided to have surgery. Before and after the surgery, we are never alone. A wonderful surgeon who answers the questions that never leave you alone? I had a successful surgery and was discharged the next day. I had my first period after the surgery. Thank God, I did not experience any pain or unnecessary bleeding. I had a follow-up appointment today and everything is fine, thank God. Are there days or years waiting for me where I will not experience painless and unnecessary bleeding from now on? The only owner of magic hands, my miracle, my teacher Onur, thank you endlessly, I’m glad I met you, I’m glad our paths crossed, I’m glad to have you, teacher, may the Lord grant you health and strength.

Tub*** K***

Sometimes there are moments when you become suffering from pain. Your quality of life decreases and you miss the flow of life. Endometriosis, adenomyosis… many gynecological diseases whose names we have difficulty pronouncing are present in our lives. In such situations, we feel helpless. Hospital, hospital, doctor. We look for a doctor and cure. At this point, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. My teacher HASAN ONUR TOPÇU touches our lives as a SUPER HERO. He is an EXCELLENT DOCTOR with his calming approach, from the first examination to before and after surgery. A VERY SUCCESSFUL DOCTOR in his field, with his knowledge that fully explains the causes and consequences of all the complaints we call menstrual pain and that we try to endure. I cannot thank him enough. WITH LOVE AND RESPECT

Özl.. Ü..

He diagnosed my disease in his first examination, for which I could not find a cure for 13 years, for which I went to the doctor every time and could not get results, and for which doctors constantly performed abortions and sent me away and could not find a cure for my problem. I owe a debt of gratitude to my big-hearted Assoc. Prof. Dr. Onur TOPÇU, who treated us like his own family, with his sweet talk, smiling face, mercy and compassion until the moment I had the surgery and after the surgery. I’m glad I met you and you touched my life with your magic hands. My dear teacher, we cannot thank you enough. I would like to add this: My advice to patients with endometriosis and adenomyosis is to go from doctor to doctor and go to Onur without wasting time.

Ayn.. F..

Thanks to my teacher Onur, I got rid of the endless pain in my right kidney, thank you very much for his attention. Even though the doctors in Trabzon did not understand my illness for years, he understood everything with an ultrasound, and thanks to his experience, my confidence has increased. Thank you very much.

Cey.. G..

I am 39 years old and I have had chocolate cyst-endometriosis since high school. I had 4 operations in total. There is no doctor I haven’t visited. After my last operation, I woke up with the words of my doctor at the time: “Anyone in my place would have converted this operation to an open surgery, the inside was in a very bad condition.” 9 years have passed since then. I was suffering from what I was sure was kidney pain almost 20 days a month. Internal medicine and gynecologists. No one could tell me the source of the pain. Finally, they told me to be grateful if the painkiller was working and sent me away. I was taking painkillers for 15 days of the month. While reading the doctor’s recommendations of endometriosis patients suffering from the same disease, I accidentally saw Onur Hodja’s name. I wonder if my pain is endo. I was wondering if it could be caused by this. When I went to the appointment, he found the focal point with his hand that actually caused the pain. He stated that this was the source of my pain. He gave me so much confidence that I decided and had surgery last week. He removed my uterus and one ovary. He also removed the cyst in my single ovary and completed them with the laparoscopy method. He had taken a video before the operation, and there were so many endometriosis foci in my abdominal membrane that I could not believe it. My doctor Onur opened all the adhesions and cleaned all the foci. When I came home after the surgery, there was no pain. He said to be sure to drink your medicine, but I never felt the need. Fortunately, doctors like Onur exist and they touch our lives. I felt so helpless and alone for 9 years that now, Onur teacher, I say that I am not alone in Ankara. If you are experiencing problems due to endometriosis-chocolate cyst or have a pain that they cannot find the source of, I recommend Onur. Don’t go from doctor to doctor. I wish I could have met him years ago. Thanks for everything.

Pel.. K..

I have been trying to fight endometriosis for a long time. However, for the last 8 months, there has not been a single day when I did not take painkillers, or a single period during which I did not crawl to the emergency room. A month ago, I learned that my disease had progressed, my intestines had reached the point of obstruction, I had started to lose my kidney, and there was adhesion in my abdomen as if a bomb had exploded. Even the injections I received could not relieve my pain, so I could neither go to work nor go out, in short, I could not live. Just when all my hopes were gone, a miracle happened and I crossed paths with my teacher Onur. He saved me from all my pain with his surgery. As of the second day of my surgery, painkillers disappeared from my life in a way that I still cannot believe. Teacher Onur, what is flowing to me now
It gave me days where I could live life to the fullest, not just watch it from a distance. Thank you infinitely. I am grateful.

Ayl.. Yil…..

My dear doctor, don’t let your hands be in trouble? I met you during a period of approximately 3 years of excessive bleeding and a lot of pain. I knocked on your door with crazy questions in my mind and you answered all my questions patiently. You calmed me down very well every time I called to see if my post-surgery pain would come back. I don’t know how to summarize what I went through? All I know is that I’m glad. I’m glad you are, my dear doctor. I call out to patients here, never give up research. ❤️

Nur… S…

I cannot thank my teacher ONUR TOPÇU enough. There is no doctor or hospital that I have not gone to for menstrual pain (endometriosis) for 20 years. When I lost hope, I reached out to my teacher ONUR. He diagnosed me in the first examination and performed my surgery successfully, with the patient and attentive listening that I could reach from the first moment and after the surgery every time I called. Answering Doctor Onur is a friendly, compassionate and compassionate doctor. Endometriosis and adenomyosis patients, I can understand you. Do not visit any other doctor. This is the right address where you can go with your eyes closed. ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR ONUR TOPÇU. Thank you very much again, Onur teacher. Good luck to you and may God grant you good health. I am glad to have you.

Gül… P….

Thanks to my teacher Onur, I got rid of endometriosis and adenomyosis. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Büş.. D..

My menstrual pains were always very severe since my first period, but in the first month of my marriage, I found myself in the hospital with a terrible groin pain that was not menstrual. As a result of being examined by different doctors many times, having MRI scans, etc., I learned that I had endometriosis. Over the past period of time, I have been struggling with pain in the legs and hips, excessive menstrual bleeding and the anxiety problems that come with it, and I had surgery. However, due to the doctor’s insufficient knowledge and experience in this regard, surgery did not cure my problem but caused my problems to increase even more. As a result of my research, I learned that there were only a few doctors in Turkey who performed these surgeries properly, and it was a great chance for me that one of them was in Ankara… Dear Professor Onur, I can’t say enough about you, you were like a reward for all the trouble I went through… Endometriosis, which was a difficult time, and I owe you the days I spent without painkillers, without pain and without crying after the adenomyosis surgery. I was born again after the surgery. If you have reached a doctor who is humble, feels sorry with you and understands you, all the question marks are already over… Thank you very much for everything, I am glad to have you, Onur Hodja. ?

esr.. k..

First of all, I would like to thank my teacher Onur. The doctor I examined saw that I had a chocolate cyst and referred me to Onur Hodja, who is very good in this field in Turkey. My doctor surgically removed the chocolate cyst and I was very pleased. I would like to thank my teacher Onur, who is very successful in this field, for his interest.

bah.. k..

Our paths crossed with our teacher Onur as a result of my research on deep endometriosis. When we went to see him, we had been examined by many doctors and we were very confused. However, our teacher Onur patiently listened to all I experienced about this disease, gave detailed information about the disease, and after the examination, he immediately diagnosed me with his experience. After the difficult times I went through, I felt very relieved. I trusted him very much and we started in vitro fertilization treatment. Our teacher’s calmness and understanding relieved my concerns during this process. I am pregnant now. I thank my teacher very much.

elv.. o..

First of all, I would like to thank my respected teacher Onur for his smiling face and interest. I live abroad and have been suffering from severe pain for 16 years. I had Endometriosis surgery 4 times but unfortunately I did not get any results. They told me that I had to live with this pain. Now I was so desperate that I wanted to come to Türkiye and see a doctor there. While searching for a good doctor on the internet, I came across Onur Hodja and a voice inside me made me feel that Onur Hodja would find a cure for my pain, so I made an appointment and came to Turkey. After examining me, he diagnosed the cause of my pain and decided on surgery. Finally, we achieved a successful result and I got rid of my pain. I cannot thank my teacher Onur enough. I’m glad to have you, Sir.

tah.. f..

Hello, I met Assoc. I came, but I came with such a psychological state that the only thought in my mind was whether I had cancer. I had my examination and they welcomed me so beautifully and so perfectly, it was as if we had known each other for a very long time. He was unlike any other doctor I had ever seen before. He answered the questions I asked calmly and with a smiling face and did not judge me at all. I had my examination, he told me that I needed surgery and I had my surgery, my pathology results were clear, we were at peace because I did not have cancer and we had never met a doctor who was as happy with my results as we were. I got pregnant after my surgery and thankfully we had our babies a month ago. The only doctor I know that I can trust blindly is not in Ankara, but the only doctor in Turkey is Assoc.


For months, I visited different doctors to find the cause of my pain. The final diagnosis was endometriosis, yes, but this was not enough to relieve my pain or the question marks in my mind. Until I met my dear teacher Onur? It was a great chance for me to meet my teacher Onur, who listened to me carefully, explained me one by one, understood me, and answered all my questions sincerely and with his vast knowledge. After a period of medication, we decided that it would be better for me to have surgery. We talked about my surgery and the process in detail. Dear doctor, he performed my surgery. I am very well now, thank God. I am happy to live without taking painkillers for days. I would like to thank my very valuable teacher and his teammates a thousand times. Thanks to you, I regained my health. I wholeheartedly recommend Onur. I’m glad to have you, sir, I’m grateful.


He is a doctor who is very knowledgeable about the subject of endometriosis. Even though I went to the Endometriosis Association’s list for my pain that has been negatively affecting my quality of life since 2007 and went to doctors who I thought were very experienced, I could not get a clear diagnosis about the cause of my pain. I could not get a clear answer to my questions. My pain is unbearable. I stopped going to the doctor because I couldn’t get an answer even though it had reached such a size. I decided to get examined by Onur Bey in a post on the social media of the Endometriosis Association because of his descriptive and knowledgeable way of speaking about the disease. Frankly, before I went, I was not without anxiety because he was one of the youngest doctors on the doctor list of the association. He solved the cause of the pain and gave me the confidence that other doctors could not give with his conversations, approach and attitude. He easily diagnosed the condition that caused the pain I had been experiencing for years; I know and believe that it will solve my pain. Endometriosis patients know very well that there are very few doctors who understand this disease and generally doctors go to Istanbul or Bursa for treatment, but as a patient, I recommend going to Ankara to Onur Bey. Frankly, he is unaware of him even though he has been very close for all these years. I am very sorry for wasting my time seeing different doctors in different cities for my pain.


My dear doctor Onur Topçu, who made me realize that the cause of the pain I have been suffering from for more than ten years is endometriosis. My process, which started with the detection of a 3.5 cm chocolate cyst in June 2020, only six months later increased to 8 cm, so we started looking for a doctor and our paths crossed with Onur Hodja and his team… How nice it was. Before, I had the chance to go to different doctors and get opinions. However, Onur Hodja’s academic knowledge and personality, especially on endometriosis, enabled us to walk this path with him and his team during this difficult process. After my successful surgery, I got rid of my endometriosis foci, chocolate cyst and most importantly, my pain. Onur is a doctor who listens to his patients wholeheartedly, helps them to the fullest, and puts people at ease with his extremely respectable sincerity. I feel very lucky to have met him.

gu..lmaz ergül

Hello, it has been 10 months since I got married and in the last 3 months, my menstruation started to be irregular. Until the last 3 months, I was a regular menstrual cycle every 28 days. Like every woman, I had heavy periods during my menstrual period. I thought I would never have a problem having a baby when I got married, but until now I never had a problem. I had not been examined in obstetrics. When my irregularity started, I went for an examination at a private hospital and he said that I had a chocolate cyst and that I should wait for six months and try to see if I could get pregnant spontaneously because my wife and I are engineers in the field in different cities. Since we could not be together during the ovulation period, he said that we should wait. Because I have adapted to the cyst incident. I met with 6 doctors in 5 days and got their opinions. I learned that Dr. Onur Topçu, who is the best in his field in this regard, is one of the most reliable names I should meet with. I immediately called my teacher Onur and went to him the next day. It was scary for me to be examined by a male doctor, but my teacher Onur does his best to make you not feel bad. When I first went, he explained what the disease was slowly, without getting bored, for maybe 30 minutes. The result of the examination was a chocolate cyst of 9-7-6 cm on my right side, and 4 cm on my left side. I had a chocolate cyst and a 2 cm myoma. A cyst on my right side was inside an egg. Most importantly, the AMH value was 0.09 in the blood test. My situation is quite serious and it is impossible for me to have a baby normally. The planned plan was to first take an egg and create an embryo on the 2nd day of my period. We were going to try at least twice for the embryo because I didn’t have enough eggs on my left side. We waited for 30 days and I didn’t have my period because of so much stress. I can’t tell you how these 30 days have been. I don’t know how many times I called and texted my teacher Onur during this period. I was constantly asking questions, and unless it was my period, I was overwhelming myself, my wife, and even my teacher Onur. Thanks to him, he responded to all my messages immediately without getting bored. One time, he called and calmed her down. He is such a wonderful person that besides his intensity, he makes time to talk to you. I went to the examination for the surgery and talked about what I would lose before creating an embryo if I had the surgery. Those cysts on my right side would be removed no matter what, and we were not expecting a reserve from that egg anyway. Onur Hodja explained everything that would happen and I was going to have surgery the next day because one of his patients’ surgery was canceled. When I went with my family for the surgery in the morning, Onur Hodja was also there. I thought I couldn’t see Onur Hodja before the surgery, but he is with you before the surgery and in the operating room until you are put to sleep. In this regard, Onur Hodja was there with me. You feel incredibly hopeful and strong. Because your doctor is with you and he becomes your family in places where you cannot see your family. Everything went very well during my surgery and the cyst on my right egg was removed without damaging my egg. I’m telling you so that you don’t wonder why, Professor Onur, why should I go? One of the best surgeons removed the cyst without damaging the egg. Now I am in the recovery process, and in order not to risk anything, my wife and I will go to her to freeze the embryo during my next menstrual period. And I believe that until I get my babies in my hands, I will overwhelm my doctor Onur again, but he is very patient with his patients. I don’t want anyone to be in this situation, but I learned that many women have this cyst. The reason why I wrote for so long is that what I went through may coincide with a friend’s story, and without thinking about what I should do, Dr. Onur. Call and meet our teacher TOPÇU, trust him whether it is about surgery or in vitro fertilization and rely on him with peace of mind. I’m glad to have you sir, with love and respect.


I have been trying to find solutions for my chocolate cyst to reduce my increasing pain by changing many doctors for about a year and a half. The doctors I examined were prescribing various medications without informing me about my disease. Thinking that something was not right, I started looking for a good doctor again and discovered Onur Hodja. Now I wonder where I was before. First of all, it helped me gain extensive knowledge about Endometriosis by providing detailed information about the body anatomy and where the disease begins, in a concrete way on the picture. Frankly, this was exactly what I needed, to master everything about this disease. Then a detailed examination; Detailed questions and answers about many factors that the doctors I have seen before did not ask or perhaps did not care about, some details that I felt but could not understand and needed clarification. I can say that I finally found my doctor. I would like to thank my teacher Onur very much, you can surrender yourself with peace of mind.


Painful deep endometriosis disease, which spread to my intestines and my abdomen from the cesarean section, has been in my life for many years, unfortunately, I had not even managed to explain the situation to many gynecologists I went to. Some people see myoma, some say it’s a chocolate cyst, some say it’s not a cyst, but none of them could make sense of my complaints about the intestines. When I found my teacher Onur and at the first examination, I realized that I had finally found a doctor who enlightened me and understood and explained all my troubles better than I could before I even explained them. He is an expert doctor who has adopted the multidisciplinary approach required by deep endometriosis with his team in Ankara. Not only the removal of endometriosis but also all my myoma and isthmocele problems were solved with a single closed surgery. I would also like to thank him very much for his kindness, calmness and friendliness, and for answering my phone whenever I needed it before and after the surgery and solving my problems.


Our very caring teacher

hincan ..ALTUN

I went there on August 16, 2021, with severe pain in my waist, groin and feet. We started my treatment by guiding me that I should have surgery as soon as possible based on my current tests. Laparoscopic abscess surgery had been performed twice before for the same complaint, one of which was 5 months ago, but there was no solution. After a long and serious surgery, I got results that were incomparable to my previous surgeries. After the surgery, I got rid of my old pain and thankfully recovered quickly. As a family, we would like to thank Dr. Onur for his information and guidance both before and after the surgery, and of course for helping me have pain-free days in terms of the results. I’m glad to have you, sir.

We are very pleased, she is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor, we thank her for her interest.


Hello, my doctors, I would like to thank my doctor Erkan and Onur teacher very much, they have become my saviors. I was very tired of going to the doctor, constantly taking medication and not being able to find any solution. My doctors diagnosed me with endometriosis and I had my surgery without hesitation. If you have post-menstrual pain, you can come to our teachers without hesitation, thank you very much for everything, thank you for your efforts, I’m glad to have you.


I recommend Onur Hodja to everyone. I got rid of my endometriosis pain and felt like I came back to life.


For years, I had been suffering from unbearable pain during each menstrual period and defecation. In the last hospital I went to, they were going to put a medicated coil. I wasn’t satisfied either. I’m glad I found Onur Hodja. As soon as I did the ultrasound, he told me that my disease had penetrated both my intestine and swollen one of my kidneys. I almost lost my kidney. Thank God, I got rid of my pain after a successful closed surgery. Those who suffer from this pain know that I feel like I was born again. I would like to thank Onur teacher and his team very much.

Ay…r.  Zo……an

I live in America. I had surgery once in America for endometriosis, but my pain did not go away, they only removed my chocolate cyst. I learned about Onur Hoca thanks to a friend of mine. She is so knowledgeable about endometriosis that she has officially devoted herself to this disease. He calmly explained to me the mechanism of the disease, how the pain occurs, and that it is not only the cyst but the nodules that cause the pain. During the examination, he detected my nodules. He performed closed surgery on me. My pain completely disappeared on the second or third day after the surgery. I never thought it would pass so quickly. I cannot thank Mr. Onur enough.

Ka…le.   Gö….li

I had chocolate cysts. Both of my cysts are stuck together. He took great care of me. He is a very caring, well-intentioned doctor.

Ke…an   D

I had a chocolate cyst surgery performed by Dr. Onur. He is a doctor with great knowledge and care. My surgery went so well that I had no trace of pain anymore. I went from doctor to doctor and finally found the best one and thank God, I recovered. I recommend the doctor to everyone.


A doctor who made me feel like I was in safe hands after going to the examination with fear. He operated on my 19 cm cyst with only 3 incisions, without leaving any scars. His care and attention both before and after the surgery makes me say that it is a good thing that I met Onur Hodja. I recommend you to go to Onur Hodja without hesitation. I offer my endless thanks.

Su… irmenci.

At a time when I said I couldn’t stand it any longer with the complaint of endometrioma, I came across a doctor (private government) that I haven’t visited. When I told the doctors that it was hitting me on my leg, the other doctors said it was nothing to do with me, the other doctors said, “Go to physical therapy, it has nothing to do with us.” When Onur said it was hurting me here and showed me the pain, I wanted to cry loudly. I have never seen a doctor who is so expert in his work since the year of my illness. He talked for 2 hours about the complications he caused me day by day throughout the year. It makes me feel like I went to a psychologist rather than a doctor. He devoted himself to endometriosis patients, I was really pleased, thank you very much, Onur teacher, I’m glad to have you.


My teacher Onur accurately diagnosed the cause of my pain, which had not been diagnosed for years, and my problem, which dozens of gynecologists I had visited so far could not detect. Ancyra is a very special clinic with an excellent team spirit. You feel at home, you believe that your problem will be solved somehow because you are with a very well-equipped team. I wish you continued success. I wish you to be healed with all patients like me who went from doctor to doctor and could not find a solution to their problems.


As an endometriosis patient, I appreciate the pioneering role of Professor Onur in introducing this disease to both academia and the public. I also feel very, very lucky to have had the opportunity to benefit from his vast knowledge and superior skills in endometrioma surgery. As of the 3rd day of my laparoscopic operation, I returned to my normal life, this time free of all my complaints caused by endometriosis. I am grateful to him. ?


May God bless me, I would like to thank her for the diagnosis she made without hesitation and the treatment she performed quickly, which ended my years of pain.


Unfortunately, after I learned that I needed surgery, I encountered misdiagnosis and demoralizing attitudes of other doctors. Meeting Mr. Onur was a turning point for me. I trusted him very much from the first examination, and my confidence increased and strengthened during and after the treatment process. He answered all my questions in our face-to-face, telephone conversations and written communication. Most importantly, he was always there for me without ignoring my psychology. I was able to have surgery because he supported me as if we had known each other for many years. If I had not crossed paths with Mr. Onur, I would never have had the courage to have surgery. Thank God, with the patience of Mr. Onur, I got rid of my complaints and regained my health. Mr. Onur is a very valuable doctor who does his job with love and knows that his patients are human. I would like to thank him once again. It will be in my prayers as long as I breathe. What I’m saying is that you can become a patient of Onur Brain without hesitation. Will this decision you make be the best decision in your life?


Dear sir, I would like to thank Mr. Onur. First, I had laparoscopic ovarian cyst surgery for 15 days. And I was up in less than 24 hours. Thank God, I got rid of my pain, thank you for your efforts… I overcame all my fears thanks to you, I am very lucky to have known you. Thank you again.


I met him 2 weeks ago and had an emergency surgery. It has been 2 weeks and I am very well, I wish I had met him before. I would like to thank doctor Onur and his entire team.

..lan.. ce

May God bless me, I would like to thank her for the diagnosis she made without hesitation and the treatment she performed quickly, which ended my years of pain.

Da… lıç

As an endometriosis patient, I appreciate the pioneering role of Professor Onur in introducing this disease to both academia and the public. I also feel very, very lucky to have had the opportunity to benefit from his vast knowledge and superior skills in endometrioma surgery. As of the 3rd day of my laparoscopic operation, I returned to my normal life, this time free of all my complaints caused by endometriosis. I am grateful to him. ?

şra ..ldırım

My teacher Onur accurately diagnosed the cause of my pain, which had not been diagnosed for years, and my problem, which dozens of gynecologists I had visited so far could not detect. Ancyra is a very special clinic with an excellent team spirit. You feel at home and believe that your problem will somehow be solved because you are with a very equipped team. I wish you continued success. I wish you to be healed by all patients like me who went from doctor to doctor and could not find a solution to their problems.


In the days after the Endometrizosis surgery 1 year ago, my pain became unbearable. Our morale as a family was broken. After 1 year of pain, God brought Onur teacher to me. As a result of the operation performed by my teacher Onur with his accurate and reliable decision, I was relieved from my pain. I cannot thank his valuable team and teacher Onur enough. For us ladies, I say Onur Hodja is a blessing from God. I wish them continued success and offer my respects.


It started with blood coming from my daughter’s mouth on October 27th. We moved to hospitals, which lasted for weeks, hospitalizations, bleeding from my daughter’s mouth, severe pain, nothing could be found, everything turned out to be normal, various tests were done, two months passed like this, finally I found Mr. Onur on the internet, I contacted him and invited us, examinations were done, and a diagnosis of pulmonary endometriosis was reached. Onur Mr. is the best doctor and person I have ever seen in my life, his communication with my daughter is very good, he started the treatment, thank God, my daughter is fine, I believe that my Lord brought Mr. Onur to us where my hope was lost, it may be a cliché, but Mr. Onur is truly an angel, may God always be with him, thank you very much, I’m glad to have you.

rican ..çelik