Hysteroscopic Polyp Treatment

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As a physician who has performed thousands of hysteroscopy procedures in the hospitals where I work, I can easily say that hysteroscopy is a patient-friendly procedure. In order to ensure that a patient-friendly surgical procedure such as hysteroscopy can be performed widely throughout Turkey, I have served and continue to serve as a trainer in the training of Gynecology and Obstetrics Assistants and Specialists at both Gynecology and Obstetrics Congresses and Local Meetings. Some of the special hysteroscopy procedures I perform are istmosel defect repair, septum (uterine curtain correction) resection, Asherman syndrome (intrauterine adhesion removal). Procedures such as correction, intrauterine polyp and intrauterine myoma resections can be done on my Youtube channel or Instagram and read my informative articles.

After working in Education-Research and Private hospitals for years, I worked as Assoc.Prof. in November 2020. Dr. Together with Mustafa Erkan Sarı, we established Ancyra Clinic in Ankara. We see our patients at Ancyra Clinic and perform the necessary surgical operations in private hospitals with which we have agreements. We also diagnose and treat intrauterine polyps with office (diagnostic) hysteroscopy in our own clinic.

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Hysteroscopic Polyp Surgery

Polyps can occur in many parts of the body. The polyps we will talk about in this article are uterine polyps located in the uterus, that is, intrauterine polyps.

Before explaining the hysteroscopic treatment of polyps, knowing what polyps are, what symptoms they cause, and whether there is a possibility of cancer will enable you to get the right treatment at the right time.

What is Intrauterine Polyp?

Uterine polyps are formed by the growth of cells in the inner wall of the uterus. Uterine polyps are soft red protrusions, usually a few centimeters at most, that grow from the lining of the uterus (endometrium), usually extending into the uterine cavity. The stalk of the polyp is usually short, but sometimes it grows long enough for the polyp to exit the cervix. Polyps are prone to bleeding, and uterine polyps that develop near the fallopian tubes can block the openings of the tubes and affect conception. Uterine polyps can develop in pre- or post-menopausal women. Cancer may very rarely develop from polyps in the pre-menopausal period. However, in the post-menopausal period, the likelihood of seeing polyps and endometrial cancer, which is cancer of the inner lining of the uterus, increases.

Polyp Symptoms

Many women with uterine polyps have no symptoms. In others, one or more of the following symptoms may be present:

  • Bleeding in varying amounts frequently or at unpredictable intervals, such as irregular menstruation
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Extremely heavy menstrual periods
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal bleeding after menopause

How Are Polyps Diagnosed?

Endometrial polyps are a common cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women. The likelihood of developing endometrial polyps increases with age. Risk factors for developing endometrial polyps include Tamoxifen (used to treat breast cancer), hormone replacement therapy, hypertension, and obesity.

Endometrial polyps are occasionally found in women who have no symptoms. They may appear as an incidental finding on a pelvic ultrasound examination or on imaging studies of the pelvis performed for completely different issues, such as hip pain.

Sometimes a polyp can be confused with a myoma that grows into the lining of the uterus. While it is not possible to differentiate between polyp and myoma using ultrasound, they can probably be distinguished from each other with hysteroscopic observation. However, the definitive diagnosis of an endometrial polyp is made by microscopic examination by a pathologist after surgical removal of the polyp.

It should not be forgotten that ultrasonography cannot accurately distinguish polyps, myomas or other intrauterine abnormalities. It only reveals that there is an abnormal situation inside the uterus. Sonohysterography, also known as aqueous ultrasonography, can similarly tell that there is a space-occupying lesion in the uterus, but it cannot tell exactly what it is. However, because diagnostic (office) hysteroscopy provides complete visualization of the inside of the uterus, it gives more accurate results to the physician performing the procedure.

How is Hysteroscopic Polyp Treatment Done?

Hysteroscopic polyp treatment can be performed in office or hospital conditions.

If the thickness of the hysteroscope to be used is between 3-5 mm, hysteroscopy can be used in office conditions to understand the space-occupying lesion inside the uterus, and then, if this space-occupying lesion is a polyp, polyp removal can be performed with small-caliber hysteroscopic scissors and graspers without the need for general anesthesia.

In the presence of more than one polyp or a lesion occupying space inside the uterus, such as myoma, intrauterine adhesion, uterine curtain, etc., it is more appropriate to perform the procedure with operative hysteroscopy and under hospital conditions.

Preparation for Hysteroscopic Polyp Treatment

If office (diagnostic) hysteroscopy will be performed and you will not receive general anesthesia, there is no need for additional preparation.

Timing is more important in the hysteroscopy procedure. Hysteroscopy is preferably performed within a few days after the end of menstruation.


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Prof. Dr. H. Onur Topçu
Gynecology & Birth-In Vitro Fertilization and Advanced Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist



Onur teacher was very supportive and encouraging at every stage of the process, from the very beginning to after the surgery. He informed us in the best and most accurate way by explaining all the details of the process completely and clearly. I would like to thank my teacher Onur very much and definitely recommend him to those who are looking for a doctor in this field.

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When I started planning pregnancy, I knocked on the doors of many doctors in Ankara, but none of them fully satisfied me. When I got pregnant, I couldn’t find a doctor I could trust during the 9-month period until I met my teacher Onur. From the first meeting, I said, here is the doctor I was looking for, with his knowledge, calmness and positive energy. Moreover, I would feel a slight pain during my menstrual periods. All the other doctors I went to said that there was nothing wrong with me, only my teacher Onur saw that I had a tiny polyp after the examination and said that it could be the cause of the pain. Even the fact that my teacher Onur saw that tiny polyp, which other doctors could not, was enough to create a deep sense of confidence in me. Thus, our 9-month pregnancy adventure, which will continue with my teacher Onur, began. And I am glad that I completed this process with my teacher Onur. No matter how busy he was at every moment of my pregnancy, he was always there for us without making us feel it, and responded instantly whenever I called or texted. Not once did I not get answers to the questions I asked. In fact, when I think about it now, there were times when I asked such funny questions about my pregnancy that he always answered even those questions with all his sincerity and sincerity. His communication not only with me but also with my wife at every meeting enabled us to see our teacher Onur not only as our doctor but also as our spiritual brother. The fact that he walks us to the door after each examination, asks how we are, chats with us, not only listens to us but also chats by giving examples from himself, is proof of how high his human value is to us. During the examination, he explained the information to me and my wife one by one, causing us to leave without the slightest question mark. We always left with peace of mind from our teacher Onur. I always wanted a natural birth because I was very afraid of cesarean section. My doctor Onur and I waited until the last moment for the baby to come, but we could not wait any longer because my waters had broken and I was hospitalized on the pre-planned day. We waited for the birth to start with artificial pain, but when I didn’t dilate, I had to have a cesarean section. From the moment I started receiving artificial pain, my teacher Onur was always with us in the hospital. Pregnant women know very well how valuable it is to have their doctor with them from the very first moment the birth begins. I saw that having a cesarean section is not something to be afraid of. After having a cesarean section, I woke up the very next day and didn’t even take painkillers afterwards. Here, thanks to the amazing surgical knowledge and skills of my teacher Onur, I completed a comfortable birth with minimal pain. I’m on my 20th day now and it’s fair to say it’s like I’ve never given birth. If you want to entrust yourself and your unborn baby to a reliable, good doctor and feel special like a princess in this process, I strongly recommend Onur to everyone. I would like to thank Onur teacher and his team for everything. I’m glad our paths crossed.

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Of course, I couldn’t pass without expressing my thanks and gratitude. I went to many places with the intention of getting pregnant, but for some reason, none of them could satisfy me. Then, I heard the name of my teacher Onur from many people and I made an appointment without hesitation. He told me that it was a polyp and he was incredibly helpful in every sense, most importantly, he gave me confidence, obviously. He is a competent doctor, I was afraid of the name of the operating room, so I went directly to the hospital in the morning. He was always with me before the surgery and in the operating room afterwards, now I strongly recommend him to those around me. Please go without hesitation? By the way, I will be with my teacher Onur until a baby is born, hopefully I will share those days here. .Thank you very much dear teacher Onur, thank you for your efforts, your heart and your existence???

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