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What is Myoma?

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that develop from the muscle tissue of the uterus . They are the most common pelvic tumors in women. However, this frequent occurrence should not scare women. Because myomectomy surgery , which is the surgery to remove fibroids from the uterus , is performed only if myomas cause a complaint in women.

Laparoscopic (closed) surgery technique is very important in myoma surgeries. Because closed myoma surgery is a patient-friendly surgery. This type of surgery; It offers many advantages to the patient, such as less pain, less bleeding, better cosmetic results, faster recovery period and shorter hospital stay. Experience is very important in closed surgery technique. For years, I actively worked in clinics where closed (laparoscopic) surgery was performed and managed these clinics. I tried to be beneficial to my patients by performing thousands of closed surgeries. In addition, I have played and continue to play an active role as an educator in the training of both assistant physicians specializing in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Gynecology and Obstetricians attending post-vocational training courses so that this form of closed myoma surgery can be performed more widely in our country.

As I mentioned above, this closed (laparoscopic) myoma surgery method is a patient-friendly method. That’s why I want more patients to benefit from this type of surgery, and I’m still making efforts for this.

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In this article, I will give information about how frequently myomas are seen, who is more at risk for myomas, how myomas cause pain or infertility, the relationship between myomas and cancer, the types of myomas, and how and when different types of myomectomy surgery (open, closed, hysteroscopic) are performed.
I hope that will be useful.

What is the Frequency of Myomas?

Myomas are not seen before puberty. The risk of myoma occurring in women begins after menstruation begins, and this risk increases with age. The detection rate of newly emerged myoma in women over the age of 40 is approximately 40% to 50%. Considering the lifetime myoma incidence rate, this rate is approximately 70% to 80%. Since the risk of shrinkage in existing myomas and the emergence of new myomas decreases after menopause, myomas are detected less frequently in the post-menopausal period.

What are the factors that form myoma and who is at risk?

Race : The incidence of myomas is higher in people of black race. Myomas tend to cause more complaints in black people and appear at an early age.
Having given birth : Having given birth once or more reduces the risk of developing myoma. The age at birth also has effects on the development of myoma. Myomas are less common, especially in women who gave birth after their 30s, compared to those who gave birth in their 20s.
Early onset of menstruation : Starting menstruation at an early age increases the risk of myoma. It is thought that the female hormone (estrogen), which is produced earlier than expected due to the early onset of menstruation, plays a role in this effect.
Birth control pills : Birth control pills used today do not increase the development of myoma. It is known that 3-monthly injections, used as a contraceptive method other than birth control pills, reduce the risk of myoma formation, especially in the postpartum period, and may cause shrinkage in existing myomas. Another contraceptive method, the intrauterine device known as the hormonal spiral, can reduce bleeding that may be due to myomas, especially in the innermost layer of the uterus. It also has suppressive effects on myomas.
In vitro fertilization treatment : Studies have shown that the hormonal drugs given for in vitro fertilization treatment do not have any effect on myoma formation or increasing the size of existing myomas.
Toxic agents : Substances such as phthalates (a substance used in plastic production), polychlorinate bisphenyl and bisphenol A have effects that increase myoma formation.
Obesity : The relationship between obesity and myoma is not clear. It is thought that there is an indirect relationship between them rather than a direct relationship.
Diet : People who consume more red meat have a risk of developing fibroids that is approximately twice as high as those who eat a Mediterranean diet. The risk of myoma is reduced in those who consume dairy products. The risk of developing myoma increases in vitamin A and D deficiencies. There is no relationship between caffeine consumption and fibroids. The risk of developing myoma increases with alcohol consumption, especially beer consumption. Smoking does not increase the risk of developing myoma .
Genetics : Studies have found that women with a family history of myoma have a higher incidence of myoma.

What are the Symptoms of Myoma?

The majority of myomas do not cause any symptoms and do not cause any complaints.
However, myomas that cause the complaints listed below must be surgically removed.

  • Painful menstruation (menstruation)
  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding during menstrual period
  • Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Sudden abdominal or groin pain (due to degeneration or torsion)
  • Feeling of pressure in the abdomen
  • urinary incontinence
  • frequent urination
  • Constipation
  • Infertility

What Kind of Pain Do Fibroids Cause?

Myomas can cause painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea), painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), and groin and abdominal pain. Painful menstruation may be accompanied by heavy menstrual bleeding. Deep pain may be felt during sexual intercourse, especially in myomas affecting the front wall and top part (fundus) of the uterus. This pain is generally independent of the number and size of myomas. More rarely, myomas can cause severe pain due to degeneration within the myoma or due to stalked myomas turning around themselves and cutting off their own blood flow (torsion).

How Do Fibroids Cause Urinary Incontinence or Constipation?

Anatomically, the uterus is adjacent to the urinary bladder at the front and the intestines at the back. Therefore, a myoma arising in the uterus may put pressure on the bladder or intestines, depending on the region of the uterus and its size. As a result of this pressure, the capacity of the bladder decreases and frequent urination or urinary incontinence may occur. These complaints are caused by myomas located on the front wall of the uterus. Myomas growing from the back wall of the uterus can also put pressure on the intestines and cause constipation. More rarely, myomas that grow sideways can cause water accumulation in the kidney and kidney loss by putting pressure on the tissue called ureter, which carries urine between the kidneys and the bladder.

How Do Fibroids Cause Infertility?

Only approximately 1% of fibroids cause infertility problems. If the myoma is in the innermost layer of the uterus, where the embryo, that is, the fertilized egg, will settle, it may disrupt the placement of the embryo there and cause infertility. Sometimes, even though myoma grows outside the uterus, it can also cause infertility by disrupting the relationship between the tubes and the ovary. Rarely, myomas can cause infertility because they disrupt the uterus’ own movements (peristalsis), which allows sperm to move.

Do Myomas Turn into Cancer?

Myomas do not turn into cancer . However, there is a type of cancer called sarcoma , which is rare in women and occurs in the uterus . It is mostly seen in women over the age of 40. A definitive differential diagnosis of myoma and sarcoma can only be made by evaluating these tissues under a microscope. For this reason, many methods used in diagnosis, ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques cannot fully distinguish between sarcoma and myoma. Therefore, myomas do not turn into cancer, but a mass in the uterus that is thought to be a myoma can become a sarcoma. Therefore, it behaves according to the characteristics of sarcoma, namely; A single, large myoma that grows rapidly and causes severe bleeding should be removed, especially when detected in people over the age of 40.

What are the Types of Myomas?

The most commonly used classification of myomas is based on where they originate from the uterus. Apart from this classification, it is also classified as Type 0 to Type 7 according to the classification of the International Federation of Gynecology-Obstetrics (FIGO).

  • Submucosal Myoma
  • Intramural Myoma
  • Subserous Myoma
  • Interligamentous Myoma
  • Parasitic Myoma

Submucous Myoma

Submucous myoma; It is a term used for myomas that have a relationship with the inner wall of the uterus. It is a type of myoma that can negatively affect pregnancy outcomes. Submucous myomas may be located entirely within the uterus (Type 0), or more than 50 percent (Type 1) or less than 50 percent (Type 2) may be located within the uterus. Submucous myomas may need to be removed in order to increase the chance of pregnancy.

Intramural Myoma

Myomas located inside the uterine wall are called intramural myomas. Its effects on infertility are controversial, but as the size of the myoma in this area increases, all the other complaints mentioned above (bleeding, pain, pressure symptoms, etc.) may increase. If it causes such complaints, it must be removed surgically.

Subserous Myomas

Subserous myomas are myomas that grow attached to the outer part of the uterus. It is not associated with poor pregnancy outcomes or infertility. It causes complaints in the patient mostly due to pressure symptoms.

How to Diagnose Myoma?

Myomas can be diagnosed by gynecologists during examination. In addition, myomas can now be clearly detected with ultrasonography. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be needed before surgery for myomas that are definitively diagnosed according to their type, size and location of formation.

How is Myoma Treatment Performed?

Myomas, which can cause bleeding, pain and menstrual irregularities, are treated according to their location and size. Treatment of myomas with medication is still not a clearly applicable treatment method. After myoma surgeries, which can be performed laparoscopically (closed) or open, a significant decrease in pain and bleeding and an increase in the chance of pregnancy can be observed.

1. Laparotomy (open) myomectomy : In this type of surgery, myomectomy is performed by making an incision of approximately 10 cm in length on the skin in the abdominal area. This incision is often similar to the skin incision made during a cesarean section. A horizontal incision is made, medically called a transverse incision. Rarely, a vertical incision extending towards the navel is needed. Today, this open surgery is about to be completely replaced by closed (laparoscopic) myomectomy surgery, which has many advantages for the patient.

2. Laparoscopic (closed) myomectomy : In this type of surgery, no large incisions are made to the patient. The largest skin incision made on the patient is approximately 1 cm long. This 1 cm skin incision is usually made at the belly level. A camera with advanced technology is placed inside the patient’s abdomen through a 1 cm skin incision made at the navel level. Thanks to this camera, the tissues are projected on the screen in front of the surgeon at high magnification, allowing a very meticulous and precise surgery to be performed. Apart from this incision made at the belly level, 1 or 2 skin incisions of half a centimeter in length and 1 skin incision of 1 cm in diameter are made at different points to remove the myoma tissue. The surgery is completed with advanced technology surgical instruments placed inside these incisions. The duration of laparoscopic myomectomy (closed myoma surgery) surgery is approximately 60-90 minutes in experienced hands.

3. Hysteroscopic myomectomy : In this type of surgery, no incision is made in the abdomen. It is a type of surgery performed by entering the uterus through the vagina with a surgical instrument called a hysteroscope. However, this type of surgery is not possible for every myoma. It is a form of surgery that can only be applied in the treatment of submucous myomas. This surgery gives satisfactory results, especially for myomas smaller than 4-5 cm, and the patient can return home on the same day.

Apart from the informative articles about myomas that I mentioned above, you can also get detailed information about myomas from the video whose link I shared below.

Stay healthy..

Prof. Dr. H. Onur Topçu
Gynecology & Obstetrics-In Vitro Fertilization and Advanced Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist



Hello, I recognized my teacher Onur from the comments here. For about 10 years, I had been experiencing heavy bleeding, pains that woke me up from sleep, thickening and enlargement of the uterus, polyps, myomas and constant surgical operations. I was so hurt that I was not keen on open surgery. That’s why I started researching closed surgery. Many doctors did not approve of closed surgery. They suggested open surgery and I refused. Until I met Onur Hodja… He enlightened me so well that I decided to have closed surgical hysterectomy without thinking and I did. I was discharged the next day. This was a great relief for me. I also had a problem with urinary incontinence because my fibroids were putting pressure on my bladder, and my quality of life was at an end. There was no medicine left that urologists did not give. My teacher Onur solved this problem. Now I am very comfortable. I would like to thank Onur Hodja and his team for everything. I’m so glad to have you, I’m so glad I met you… May your path be bright and your successes be eternal.

Sen*** G***


With the opinion of four specialist doctors, whom I had been postponing for years and whom I thought were quite competent in their field, I learned that my condition, which I thought was just a myoma problem, was extra painful due to the varicose veins of the uterus, and only because Mr. Onur, who was very precious, told me that removing myomas would not relieve my aches and pains, caused me anxiety and anxiety during the examination. What I forgot to mention with excitement (for some reason there is a feeling of hesitation in front of the doctor, you know :)), the fact that he listed each of my complaints much more accurately and one after the other made me feel very confident at the first examination. I entrusted myself to him with complete trust and peace and decided to have surgery immediately. I had a very successful surgery that showed a much more comfortable and faster recovery compared to all the people I know around me who had similar illnesses and surgeries. His response to my questions as quickly as possible at all times ensured that I did not experience anxiety during my recovery process. I’m glad I didn’t put it off for so long that fate brought me such an expert. It is a reference to every friend around me who has complaints about gynecological diseases, and with that peace of mind, I strongly recommend it to my fellow women who are looking for the same as the old me. I am very happy to entrust myself to him and my daughters to his precious wife. I am glad our paths crossed, I am truly happy to have met you, our dear doctors.

Bil*** U***



Hello Professor Onur, I also had myoma surgery. I’m glad I saw him at Dicle University. Thanks to his colleague Nurullah from , I met him thanks to his expert and experience, he cleaned my entire myoma with hysteroscopy. He removed a myoma that grew from inside to outside due to its structure and was larger than my size, with a single operation. I went through the surgery without any problems, and my return to my normal life was fast. I had had this surgery before with a different doctor using hysteroscopy and I had no problems after the surgery, but since the doctor could not discover the structure of my myoma during the surgery, even though he said that he had removed almost all of it after the surgery, even half of my myoma was not cleaned in the post-operative check-up. When he said that he would perform the second surgery, I did not want to be at the same doctor again (in cm). Even though it was a smaller myoma that could be removed in one go, the idea of not being able to clean it in the second surgery unfortunately became dominant and unfortunately, due to the stress of the second surgery, I had to postpone the surgery for a while and prolong the process until the myoma grew again and caused problems such as excessive bleeding. However, Onur Hoca is bigger. He cleared a myoma in one go. He is a doctor who can be recommended by his colleagues and can be preferred in Ankara due to his success in patient stories. I would definitely not recommend you to make a decision without taking his opinion. I would like to thank him again.

Hel*** K***

Hello doctor site readers,,, I met Mr. Onur through the recommendation of a close friend who had deep endometriosis surgery,,, When I found out that I had a 12 cm myoma by chance, I started researching a doctor,,, all the doctors you went to said that I had to have an open operation due to the size of my myoma,, ,, Actually, I am a very detail-oriented and extremely panicky person, I wanted to get rid of myoma as soon as possible,,, I made an appointment with Mr. Onur upon the advice of my friend, even though I had no hope of getting rid of it,,, of course, before I went, I realized that I was wasting my time when I researched him,,,the operations he performed,,,the only thing I will go to. I realized that was the address. He is a very experienced, well-equipped physician who has spent a lot of time in laparoscopic operations. He explained every detail in a way that I could understand. Within ten minutes, I had already decided to have the surgery. We set the date for the hospital and my insurance transactions with his dear assistant. He took care of all the details,, I had surgery about a month ago,,,stayed in the hospital for one day,,,painless,,,painless,,,the operation was very comfortable,,, It has been about a month since the surgery,,,4 days Then I started working,,,I started my sports routine for a week,,,Apart from being a very experienced and equipped doctor as a doctor,,,he is also a very valuable person who can empathize as a person. I thank him very much.

Züb*** Y***

Thanks to Dr. Onur TOPÇU, I got rid of the heavy bleeding and fatigue during menstrual periods due to myoma, which has been going on for about 2 years. All the doctors I went to said that my uterus had to be removed. Then, as a result of my research on the internet, I saw Onur Hodja. The next day, I made an appointment and was examined. My uterus was removed with the closed surgery method. He said he would remove the fibroids without any surgery. I had the surgery and was discharged the next day. Now my bleeding has improved. At the same time, I no longer have any fatigue. I am very pleased with the care and attention shown by Onur Hodja both during the examination and during the surgery. I am glad we met him. We are still in contact with him. Before seeing Onur Hodja. Do not decide.

Ruk*** Y***

Onur teacher was very supportive and encouraging at every stage of the process, from the very beginning to after the surgery. He informed us in the best and most accurate way by explaining all the details of the process completely and clearly. I would like to thank my teacher Onur very much and definitely recommend him to those who are looking for a doctor in this field.

Arz*** A***

I live in China. Due to heavy and long-lasting bleeding, I made an online appointment with Onur teacher along with the tests I had. During our meeting, he diagnosed me with intrauterine myoma and explained that I needed surgery. He carefully answered all my questions in a very knowledgeable and descriptive manner, and made me feel very comfortable. When I came to Turkey 6 months later, he performed my operation successfully. Afterwards, he called frequently and took care of me. In addition to his knowledge and experience, he also gave a feeling of trust with his kindness and interest. Endless thanks to him and his team…

Zey*** G***

Good day, my wife suffers from panic attacks. When I was diagnosed in the uterus, there were many myomas (like a punching bag, the doctor said), the largest of which was 7 cm. You must have an urgent surgery, it will be done openly, we cannot clean it one by one, all the uterus, ovaries and tubes will be removed, you will be hospitalized for 3 days. If even one of them turns out to be bad-tempered, chemotherapy etc. Dear doctor, he explained it in a harsh and precise manner. Of course, how could he know? I had a hard time convincing the person in front of me, who had a fear of hospitals and a panic attack patient, to go for a check-up. He avoided surgery for exactly 5 years. Meanwhile, he also saw our neighbors who had open surgery and what they went through. Panic disorder has progressed further. He also needs to have surgery somehow. 5 years have passed and it is not clear how many cm 7 cm has become. I started looking for a doctor without my wife noticing, and by chance I found Mr. Onur. I sent him an email explaining the situation. After all, he would have to patiently take care of a special patient with a panic attack and a fear of hospitals. Thank goodness he agreed to help. But we had to work for another month to visit Mr. Onur. During the examination, we learned that the myomas were growing larger, spreading and putting pressure on the vagina. It was already stated to us by the physical therapist that fibroids might be the cause of persistent back pain. But we convinced him to go just for a check-up. My wife had no intention of having surgery. Doctor, I have a free day in two days. He said, “Let’s do it right away, otherwise you may have to wait 3 months,” and he somehow convinced my wife. During the interview, I said that the ovaries should not be removed. Taking into account my wife’s age, the fact that she had already entered menopause and the possibility of not being able to have regular follow-up due to her psychological problems, Mr. Onur recommended that all of them be removed and left the decision to us. In the end, the surgery was successfully performed closed. It even took a little longer than expected because the fibroids had spread so much. I think another doctor might have gone to the open in this situation and not bothered so much. We stayed in the hospital for one night. We were discharged the next day. Our doctor did not require blood transfusion during the surgery. After the surgery, blood tests were done again as per our request (a little panicky). Blood values were normal. I think the fact that blood values were still normal even though no blood was given during the surgery, which lasted nearly 3 hours, shows that Mr. Onur is competent. It wouldn’t be a lie if I said we didn’t even have to use painkillers after the surgery. It’s been 6 weeks now. Immediately after the surgery, my wife returned to her normal life. He didn’t need anyone. He did not delve into patient psychology. I thank our doctor and advise everyone to have closed surgery and not to accept open surgery without consulting Mr. Onur. Thank you Mr. Onur. Everything you get your heart desires.

Ram… U…

We went to Mr. Onur to get rid of my mother’s growing myomas. Positive comments on the internet were effective in choosing Onur Bey’s clinic. When we went to the clinic for examination, he welcomed us with all his sincerity. Unlike many doctors in this market, he suggested alternative solutions to us. My mother had to have hysterectomy because her fibroids grew so large. Mr. Onur performed the closed hysterectomy very successfully. The weight of the uterus was measured to be more than 1 kg. He also gave us the necessary information at the post-operative check-up. My advice, especially for those who want to have closed surgery, is that you can go with peace of mind. He is truly an expert and friendly doctor.

Meh.. Ş..

We cannot thank dear Onur Hoca enough, who came from Mardin with confidence in his care and knowledge and completed an extremely difficult surgery comfortably and successfully. He is an admirable physician both professionally and humanly.

Bir… Çel….

I can say that Mr. Onur Topçu is the only doctor to whom I can entrust myself in the field of gynecology. As a matter of fact, in the first meeting, you observe his self-confidence in his profession very well. His command of human psychology before and after the surgery is also quite impressive. I’m glad to have you, my dear doctor.

Dem.. T..

I call my teacher Onur my doctor from the bottom of my heart. You can easily see his self-confidence in his profession. I am a sweet person who is very afraid of surgery. He saved me from my 16 cm myoma. He is great, he is a great teacher in his profession. He is my hero.??
Seb.. K..

First of all, I would like to express my endless gratitude to Onur teacher and his team who performed my open uterine-protected myoma surgery, which I was afraid of and had been avoiding for a year. He is a very valuable and caring person who acts extremely caring and attentive towards his patients, who answers every question asked without getting tired, who evaluates the disease down to the smallest detail and shares it with you, who also acts jointly with you, who gets back to you as soon as possible when you call or text, and who is a very valuable patient. Professor Onur is such a successful doctor and his team is reassuring to be in the right and safe hands. I strongly recommend Onur Topçu to those who are looking for a doctor who is friendly, caring and in safe hands and where you can have surgery with your eyes closed. I think the best doctor award in his field should be given as soon as possible. I love you. I would like to thank ONUR TOPÇU, his assistant Ms. BURCU and his team for everything.

arz.. s..

Hello, it has been 10 months since I got married and in the last 3 months, my menstruation started to be irregular. Until the last 3 months, I was a regular menstrual cycle every 28 days. Like every woman, I had heavy periods during my menstrual period. I thought I would never have a problem having a baby when I got married, but until now I never had a problem. I had not been examined in obstetrics. When my irregularity started, I went for an examination at a private hospital and he said that I had a chocolate cyst and that I should wait for six months and try to see if I could get pregnant spontaneously because my wife and I are engineers in the field in different cities. Since we could not be together during the ovulation period, he said that we should wait. Because I have adapted to the cyst incident. I met with 6 doctors in 5 days and got their opinions. I learned that Dr. Onur Topçu, who is the best in his field in this regard, is one of the most reliable names I should meet with. I immediately called my teacher Onur and went to him the next day. It was scary for me to be examined by a male doctor, but my teacher Onur does his best to make you not feel bad. When I first went, he explained what the disease was slowly, without getting bored, for maybe 30 minutes. The result of the examination was a chocolate cyst of 9-7-6 cm on my right side, and 4 cm on my left side. I had a chocolate cyst and a 2 cm myoma. A cyst on my right side was inside an egg. Most importantly, the AMH value was 0.09 in the blood test. My situation is quite serious and it is impossible for me to have a baby normally. The planned plan was to first take an egg and create an embryo on the 2nd day of my period. We were going to try at least twice for the embryo because I didn’t have enough eggs on my left side. We waited for 30 days and I didn’t have my period because of so much stress. I can’t tell you how these 30 days have been. I don’t know how many times I called and texted my teacher Onur during this period. I was constantly asking questions, and unless it was my period, I was overwhelming myself, my wife, and even my teacher Onur. Thanks to him, he responded to all my messages immediately without getting bored. One time, he called and calmed her down. He is such a wonderful person that besides his intensity, he makes time to talk to you. I went to the examination for the surgery and talked about what I would lose before creating an embryo if I had the surgery. Those cysts on my right side would be removed no matter what, and we were not expecting a reserve from that egg anyway. Onur Hodja explained everything that would happen and I was going to have surgery the next day because one of his patients’ surgery was canceled. When I went with my family for the surgery in the morning, Onur Hodja was also there. I thought I couldn’t see Onur Hodja before the surgery, but he is with you before the surgery and in the operating room until you are put to sleep. In this regard, Onur Hodja was there with me. You feel incredibly hopeful and strong. Because your doctor is with you and he becomes your family in places where you cannot see your family. Everything went very well during my surgery and the cyst on my right egg was removed without damaging my egg. I’m telling you so that you don’t wonder why, Professor Onur, why should I go? One of the best surgeons removed the cyst without damaging the egg. Now I am in the recovery process, and in order not to risk anything, my wife and I will go to her to freeze the embryo during my next menstrual period. And I believe that until I get my babies in my hands, I will overwhelm my doctor Onur again, but he is very patient with his patients. I don’t want anyone to be in this situation, but I learned that many women have this cyst. The reason why I wrote for so long is that what I went through may coincide with a friend’s story, and without thinking about what I should do, Dr. Onur. Call and meet our teacher TOPÇU, trust him whether it is about surgery or in vitro fertilization and rely on him with peace of mind. I’m glad to have you sir, with love and respect.


Two years ago I had uterine fibroids, where I had serval operations to clear them in vain. Dr Hassan Onur performed myomectomy surgery on me and he excellently removed 63 Fibroids. One year later Dr Onur suggested I do IVF treatment, Which I ended up going through and miraculously got Pregnant on first attempt. I want to thank Dr Onur Hassan for the miracles you have brought to my life and difference you make in the lives of your patients. You are truly a remarkable Doctor and professional that we respect and trust. Thank you for your incredible care, comfort and concern during the procedure and visits. Now I am a normal and healthy mother to be.


After the closed uterus and myoma surgery performed by our doctor, I was standing upright the same evening as if I had never had surgery. I stayed in the hospital for 1 night. Afterwards, I had no complaints other than the occasional minor abdominal pain, without taking even one painkiller. When I returned to work 7 days later, no one could believe that I had surgery. I thank our doctor a thousand times. I’m glad to have you.

gül ay..un

Ataturk’s words “Entrust me to Turkish Doctors” are truly true words. Onur Topcu is a doctor who does his job right and gives confidence to his patients. That’s why, even though I live in England, I refused to have surgery in England and applied to him. He has always been with me since I was taken into surgery. He is a reliable and honest person. He eliminated all my worries in a minute. I stood up and walked the next day after the surgery. I am grateful to him. He is a wonderful doctor. As of yesterday, I came back to England without any problems. Thank you very much. I am glad to have you. May you always be there, respect and greetings.


In 2018, I came from Istanbul, where I work as a specialist doctor, to Dr. Dr. because I trust him very much and believe that I can entrust myself blindly. I came to Ankara for laparoscopic myomectomy operation by Mr. Onur. Since I delayed it due to my busy working conditions, one or two large myomas, the largest of which was 12 cm, and many small myomas were successfully removed by my doctor. His interest and positive energy make you feel safe, as well as being a competent and talented surgeon. For everything Dr. Thanks to Mr. Onur and his team.


A doctor who made me feel like I was in safe hands after going to the examination with fear. He operated on my 19 cm cyst with only 3 incisions, without leaving any scars. His care and attention both before and after the surgery makes me say that it is a good thing that I met Onur Hodja. I recommend you to go to Onur Hodja without hesitation. I offer my endless thanks.

I cannot thank my teacher Onur enough. He removed my 13 cm myoma with closed surgery. I was able to go home the day after the surgery. He gave so much confidence during his first examination that the whole process took place exactly as he said. In the hospitals I went to before, they said we could remove your uterus even with open surgery. May God bless him, we are very lucky to have such doctors. Ak…lı

I came from Mardin for Onur Hodja. Everyone in Mardin knows his reputation for closed surgeries. Thank God, he removed my myoma by closed method and brought me back to health.

Em..e Ak..u

I had a large fibroid right near the cervix. When they said the location was risky and we could remove her uterus, my world collapsed. I found Dr. Onur while doing research on the internet and he gave me so much confidence that he performed my surgery, which they said was difficult and very risky, using a closed method. I had very little pain after the closed surgery. I was able to stand up immediately. May God be pleased with him.

Sü…ye Ad..el

I came from Iğdır for my myoma surgery. I am very pleased with our teacher. He performed my surgery, which was said to be impossible to do open, in a closed manner. May God be pleased with him.


I have been to many doctors in Elazığ before. I had myoma in my uterus. The doctors here said it was too dangerous, your uterus could be removed. As a result of my research, I found Onur Hodja. Onur Hodja removed the myoma, which was said to remove the uterus even with open surgery, by closed method. May God bless teacher Onur. It is a great chance for us to have doctors like him.

Şe..   …mur

I recommend Onur to all myoma patients. Professor Onur is the best in Turkey in closed surgeries. He saved me by performing closed surgery on my 12 cm myoma. Thank you very much.

Ra.. . ..ot

I regained my health as a result of a successful laparoscopic myomectomy. He is a very successful physician in laparoscopic surgery. Relaxing and reassuring with his friendliness.


I came from Elazığ for my teacher Onur. Nobody is 12 cm tall. He didn’t want to operate on my fibroid. They said that this myoma cannot be removed closed. But Onur teacher gave me great confidence from the first moment he saw me and performed my surgery in a closed way. May God bless him.

Ze… ler.

After two miscarriages, myoma was detected. Onur Hodja removed my myoma, which was dangerous and meant to remove the uterus, via a closed procedure. I’m pregnant now, thank God. If I were in Ankara, I would come to Onur Hodja for pregnancy follow-up, but now I hope I will come to him at birth.

Bü… ik

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